The Linux Mission

  This is going to be my first blog about the interesting and sometimes frusturating quest of exploring the world of Linux. What is Linux? I’m glad you asked. Well, you didn’t ask but I’ll tell you anyway. According to Google, Linux is an operating system for computers. What is an operating system? OMG! Why are you asking so many questions?! I’ll be very simple, it’s software that runs your pc. Runs on very solid Unix. It’s been around for a while, it’s just that you didn’t know about it. Many of your fancy cellphones have linux software, super-computers love using Linux, smartphones and tablets, and even most of the internet servers are running Linux! You use it all the time without even knowing it. So, why should you care? Becasue you can also run it on your computer as your main system instead of Windows. What!!! Why would I do that? Becasue it’s fun. Ever wanted to try a unix system? Ever wanted to have a computer that doesn’t crash or get viruses so much? Well, Linux is the answer. And best of all, it’s free! I know! I can’t beleive it either. But! Don’t go running off the nearest Linux site and downloading it now to install on your computer. It don’t work like that. See, I will be posting reveiws about all the Linux Distributions I will try and tell you about them. There are literally hundreds of different Linux variations. Why? Becasue Nerds and Programmers make them the way they like it. So, for sure, there will be one you will like.
  To try one of my recommendations of these Linux based distros, you will have to either download the live cd’s or install on your pc using a Virtual Machine. How to do all this? I’m not a nerd like you? Well, that’s true, but i’ll help you, no worries. Next blog will be about the First Linux I ever tried, called Puppy Linux, and don’t worry, you won’t need to delete anything on your pc to try it out. Remember the important things about Linux, it’s safe, cool, and legal. So, until next time when I’ll show you what I learned and what you can learn too.

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But can you show me the source code?

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