The Linux Mission Part 1.5 (Puppy Linux)

I seem to have forgotten some things in my last post, I showed you the site where you can learn about it, but forgot to set the link to where you cna download it, Here they are.
Puppy Linux 4.3 (Older) The one i was talking about.
Puppy Linux 5.2 (Newest) Have not tried it yet. Must be similar.
Puppy Quirky (As the name says) Most people like it.
Feel free to download any, there is no wrong answer, and also burn this onto a cd, then put in pc, then reboot. Wazaam!!! PS, to burn an iso image, i would recommend any free iso burning program, but if you’ve got Nero, use that. If for some reason your burnt cd did not work, it may be that you burned it as data and not as an image file. To verify your cd, put in computer, and open the cd drive, you should see some folders and files, if you only see one file, then you burned it wrong and ask for help. Thanks for reading.

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But can you show me the source code?

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