The Linux Mission Part 1 (Puppy Linux)

  Hello and welcome to my first post about the world of Linux, now, i know i don’t have the best writing skills, but i do have some information that may be usefull to any of you poeple. See, the first Linux Distribution i want to show you is one called Puppy Linux. Now I can tell you all about it, or you can see the website for more features, Puppy Linux Site Feel free to go there and look now. But as you can maybe see, it doesn’t explain things clearly. If you want to try it out, and you have a bit of time right now, i really recommend you try it out. It’s worth it and you will soon find out that you may ne day need it.
  Puppy linux is a version of linux that can be run off a cd. You download it, burn the ISO image to a cd. (If you don’t know what and ISO image is, google it, it’s very important to know nowadays) And pop into your pc, then reboot. What happens when you reboot? Your computer reads the cd and insteadof Windows, Linux will start. It will show some cool nerdy stuff that you may not understand and ask you what kind of keyboard you have and what resolution you want you computer in, just leave at the defaults for now, or just press enter anytime you see anything, it usually works. And you will soon see the main screen. Tadaa! Oh now, who the heck changed my background? Well now remember you just booted off the cd, not your hard drive, which mean that you are now staring at a whole new computer! Man! Where are my files? Why’d you delete everything!? Don’t get mad, nothing is gone, you are just not using your hardrive anymore, you don’t need it now, unless you wanna save something. See here you can do and click anywhere just like a normal pc.
  But before we do anything, you need to connect to the internet, see this is now a "real" computer. What are you trying to say? I’m saying that you now control the computer, go to the icon that says connect. then click on the button that says, eth0, good. now it will try to help you setup your internet, follow the easy instructions it tells you and connect to the internet! Usually it asks for auto DHCP and say yes, detect and so one, simple. Don’t worry about breaking anything, you can’t in linux unless you try really hard. And this won’t harm your pc, I already said, anytime you want to quit, just eject your cd, or restart the computer by clicking on the nice puppy and logging out. Simple and logical.
  OK so lets pretend you connected to the internet, test it out. good, nice, I’m pround of you. Now, what to do? what to do? Ahh yes! You can access your hard drive, you see that thing on the bottom of your screen that says, hda1, of sda1 or maybe even sdb1, well, one of those is your main hard drive. you can access it by clicking on it and you see all you have in there, you old documents, your windows installation, your program files, and you can delete anything you like. Wait, Why would i want to delete anything? Well, have you ever had a virus that you couldn’t delete? Problem solved! Just use this linux and delete that nasty virus, (If you know where it is and what it’s called) You can also explore your drive to see what else is in there and access anything, perfect for hacking into your own pc if you forgot your password, you just find your user folder and save it somewhere else, now your account won’t delete all your new stuff if you creata new one. (There are many methods to do this, but this is the easiest)
  So, you can surf the net, listen to online radio stations, watch videos, PLay music, do almost anything you could do on your pc with windows! Also have you noticed that your computer is lightning fast?! very cool, and this is a simple version of linux, there are so many things you could do with this Puppy, such as back-up all your data on a USB, very easy to do. you can emergency boot into linux if you want to let other people use your computer if you are scared they will hurt your pc, and you can take this cd to your school and put it in your school pc, restart, and enjoy surfing the web with less restriciton. (sometimes works, no guarantee) Watch-out for teachers though. And remember that this is all "FREE", that’s right, no microsoft, just nerds helping each other out. So enjoy and go to the site to get your copy of puppy linux today!!!, i have two! read what the site has to say, and if you need help, contact me or go to the forums to ask a question, but, the easiest way to get help for anything Linux, is…… Google. So have fun!

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  1. One more thing I forgot, when you want to log out, it asks if you want to save your session, Why? becasue if you plan on using Puppy again, it will not only start up faster, but also save all you Internet setting and anything you made personalised. It’s recommended to save, even if it’s just a little space. Remember, this may seem hard or pointless, but will pay off to know.

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