The Linux Mission Part 2 (Ubuntu)

Wow! Where can I start, well, let me begin by saying that Ubuntu is another Linux distribution that has many different variations for you purposes and needs. If you’ve read my other blogs/posts, then you will understand that this is yet another Linux distribution, and that, in fact, this is such a great operating system, even Dell has shipped some of their machines with Ubuntu Linux on them! They are easy to use and very fast too. Can do everything their windows version could too, just a little differently is all. So, to begin the speech.

  As you may have tried in Puppy Linux, no matter which version you downloaded, it is very difficult to install on you computer unless you know what you are doing. This one is so easy to use I won’t have to say much. Now, you can download it from here. Ubuntu Download. I recommend you read the download page and get the one you need. You can try it before you install on you machine! Very cool software and you won’t regret burning this to a CD. This version of Linux is meant for home machines and normal users, and is free, therefore, you you have some sort of issue, then google it, and chances are, someone already asked the very same question and you will then have an answer.

 Personally I use this one on my Laptop and home computers too. Why? because it’s popular and widely supported, and maybe one day, this distribution will catch up to MS Windows. But, let’s say you didn’t like this one, well, you can always search for a different type, Xubuntu (For slower pc’s) Kubuntu (Cool looking, a bit harder to use) Edubuntu (For school) and many many more.

  But either way i would like to share the openness of computers and that you can still use a machine, even if it’s "broken" because of viruses, install Ubuntu on it (After you rescue all your info using Puppy of course :) and it’ll be better than new. Or just try the cd live mode on you home computer, it won’t break it of hurt it, if you don’t like it, restart your computer, eject the cd, and you have your normal windows, but, i would highly recommend having an internet connection to fully enjoy Ubuntu to it’s fullest. Enjoy and learn.

Ps.  I you still haven’t take this short test. Not spam, Linux Test


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