The Linux Mission (part 2.5) Ubuntu

Yay! part two the sequel! ohh no one cares that’s ok. Now let me get to the nitty gritty. Let’s say you already installed your Linux Ubuntu and want to do more stuff with it. What can you do? To the Software center! It looks like this. Uploaded with Wow Big woop you may say. what can i download?, can i download i tunes? no. Internet Explorer? no, Limewire? no, well yes you can but not from here i’ll show you how later. you can download the alternatives to your usual programs. Lets say you like music, i know i do! well you can use the popular rhythmbox built into Ubuntu to listen to all your music. Download and plug in you ipod to put songs in it. Works with most music players. If you installed Ubuntu with your windows next to it and you get to choose when it starts up, i’ll assume you have some music in there. Well, simply go to your hard drive where you music i located at, for example Places/123GB fileSystem/Users/"yourname"/Music/ and there you can drag all your music into rhythmbox. Well, also if you installed Ubuntu but you don’t want it to start up in Ubuntu all the time, what do you do? Download Startup-manager from the Software center and adjust it to your liking. Easy peasy. Now what if you need to chat with your peeps from Yahoo or Gmail or even Hotmail? Download Pidgin. and put in your account credentials and your off. Now talk about word Documenting. Open office has all you will need, Search for it in Applications tab. Now what if you have a program that is only for WIndows but you need it to work on your Linux Machine? Well download wine from the software center install. and pop in your, ohh i don’t know, Watchtower library, and click on the setup.exe in the CD. you are done. Now what if you need to print something? ohh i don;t know whave you tried the magical printer setup. It is so easy sometimes. go to System tab then the Administration tab then Printing. if your printer is there. you are ready to print. if it is not. click on add printer and you know the rest. If your printer cannot be installed, you must have a weird printer and i recommend you get some help installing it. Either that or your printer don’t like you. well i need to finish my rant soon. Remember the linux motto. I assume you know what you’re doing. if you don’t Google it. thanks for reading.

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But can you show me the source code?

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