Linux Mission Part 3 (Google Chrome OS)

So how many of you remember when Google announced they were going to release their own Operating system? Ehh? you forgot already? Let me remind you all that it is still on and going to come out soon this FALL!!! so get your beta version and try it out. Chrome Home See here all the features it already has, such as, faster boot up, and WINE support (meaning you will be able to use SOME windows APPs on it, like Watchtower and other simple programs, maybe even some games) and it also come with a heck of a lot of other free programs. SO try it out, download it, it will take long, but wait for it. This is a live cd, so you don’t have to install it, just put in your pc and restart to try and besides, remember that this is not a Windows OS, meaning it will be a heck of a lot different, so you will have to learn how to use a computer all over again, but that’s ok, as long as you are not dumb. Soo, how was it now that i tried it? Well i tried it 4 months ago, but back then they only had one beta version, i downloaded it as soon as i found out there was one, but it was ok, slow and still had some bugs, like resolution and high demands on my hardware, but overall, it was an ok and logical to use Linux Distro. I can’t wait for the new beta to finish downloading and so I can tell you more about it, ok? Cool see you here next time, please, someone, anyone, read my blog :(  Except you, (you know who you are.
Note that this is not the “real” Chrome OS but a clone or alternate version. Sorry for the mistake.

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But can you show me the source code?

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  1. This is also a link to the similar more bleeding edge progect of Chromium OS, this dude has the source code and all ready to be put on a USB drive to be tested on your machine, or at least in my virtual. yep, this is next to be tried out also.

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