The Linux Mission (Chrome OS) Part 3.5

OK so I finished reviewing the new Chrome OS for myself. I was going to test Chromium and the Beta Chromium, which is the same as Chrome OS, but the only difference being is that it is open-source, free to modify and improve. But I had trouble figuring out how to install the IMG image and i didn’t time to figure out how to do it considering I only had one day to check it out. (Got it to work! Wow it’s only the google Chrome brower and that’s it, no joke. Hhmmm) So only Chrome was tested for today, I downloaded the ISO image from torrent, and with a decent download speed I was done. The install first makes you boot into a live cd mode, letting you test out the Google chrome OS before actually installing, but for some reason, in my virtual, no icon showed up, only red x’s. but the good thing was that the mouse integration was built in, didn’t work well, so I disabled it. After installing, and seeing that it’s basically Open-suse with chrome icons all over, I was feeling disappointed, But the install took it’s time and finished ok. It still felt glitchy like the first one.After installing it booted and took 1:30 which is ok for a 512 MB virtual machine with only one CPU. The system itself seemed nice a easy to use, with networking and all the little buttons you might need. Cool. So, the icons came back, and i was easily surfing the web. Shutdown was a slow 30 second average and in the end i found out that the beta i had didn’t have WINE already built in, making me wonder if i had actually grabbed the “real” current beta. oh well, I guess i can wait for the real thing to come out on black Friday, considering that HTC and Google will come out with the Google Chrome OS tablet, no one know what it will look like yet, but i can’t wait, i bet it will be better that the ipad one, so keep an open mind.

Overall, this OS was super easy to use and setup, some glitches, average speed, nothing surprising, but, I’m sure it will be fast when installed in a Solid State Drive and kick butt specs. The packages and updates are easily done by anyone with half a brain, like me! And it was easy on the eyes. Remember though that this will be nothing like windows, just think of it as another mac OS, but free, well, most stuff.

Note: I did not test the real Chrome OS rather a SUSE clone, I know, disappointment, but now the Chrome-book is finally available! Get it at Best Buy or Amazon check it out!


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But can you show me the source code?

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