How to make a Virtual Machine.

Step 1: Download VirtualBox My Personal Favourite

or Virtual PC. Never Mind this one, It’s a joke. Try Very Efficient and easy to use. Techguy90 Loves this one.

OK this is a revision of the old how to. Because the old one was to vague. This is what you will need before you make a virtual machine. Get your Cooking gloves on!

1. You will need to download a Virtual Machine Manager. Eg. VirtualBox or VMware Player.

2. You will need to Install it, by clicking on the .exe

3. After install is complete you will need to get a Windows or Linux install cd. It depends on what kind of virtual machine you want. Do you want a Windows XP machine? or a Windows Vista? Or an Ubuntu Virtual Machine. Now there are many ways to get one.

a. You can buy one from the store. Expensive.

b. Find the one that came with your computer.

c. Download it. From (cough, cough) torrents. (note) The act of downloading a Windows .iso or cd image is technically illegal. However, I found out at school that it you already own a Legal Windows PC. You are ok. As long as don’t don’t install it on any other physical machines, but your own. And to tell you the truth, where are those Virtual machines located? On your Physical Computer. Therefore. no one has ever gone to jail for installing an “illegal” copy of windows in a virtual machine. (fin de nota)

4. Or if installing a Windows Virtual machine sounds too risky for you. Install a Linux virtual machine. Has a free operating system, no charge for you to play around with however you please. Or if Linux doesn’t tickle your fancy, So there you have it.

So now you have the Virtual machine manager and the ISO’s or an install CD. Start your VirtualBox/VMWare and follow the instructions given to start cretaing a machine. I will sum them up now. (note) Since I am dealing with two different programs, both ways will be different, but both will have th same idea of doing things.

1. It will ask you what kind of virtual machine you want to create. You type name

2. Asks you how much RAM(see Nerd Slang Post) you want to give your machine. Usually the defaults are fine, but if you plan on doing some fancy stuff then change it. But remember, any RAM you give a virtual machine, it will remove from your actual machine. EG. I have 2GB ram. If i give my Virtual 1GB my Host machine will be using up the usual “AND” the 1GB I gave to the virtual, get it? good.

3. It asks you to create a new hard drive. And then it asks how big you want to make it. This also affects your actual hard drive space. In virtual box, it’s best to pick “Dynamically Expanding” Save you lots more HD Space because it only uses what it’s taking up, instead of actually taking up predetermined space even though you haven’t even installed anything yet. it’s the same rule as the RAM, don’t give it more that you actually have.

4. It will ask you to start the machine and ask where you are installing from. (virtualbox only, VMware will have already asked you by now) You tell it where the install media is and click next.

5. The OS installation will start. your virtual machine is now installing! Yay! Follow steps as required whether you are using Windows or Linux. PS. Ubuntu is the easiest OS to install in my own opinion. And the fastest too.

So there you have it. Any questions may be asked, in fact I encourage them. Have fun Virtualizing! It’s the way of the future!!!! PS. here is a video in case you still don’t know how, i explain step by step using Virtualbox.


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