(RANT ALERT) OpenSolaris


Tux, as originally drawn by Larry Ewing

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Any of you ever heard of the Solaris Operating system? It used to belong to the SUN company, but now it belongs to Oracle. They said, “You know what we can do? Create our own Operating system based on Unix! Yeah that’s totally original! and to boot let’s make it open-source.” Well Newsflash! This project is failing. I wonder why? Maybe because you are trying to be Linux? No that can’t be it. Well even though the OpenSolaris OS is very stable, it only runs on select hardware, Lame. The people who use it say it is better than Linux (in stability) but only because there is very little software for it. I mean, it’s normal to try to stay a away from Microsoft. But to run away like a jumpy zebra falling over the edge of the technological cliff scared? That’s just too far. As far as I know, none of the real Open Source programmers are supporting it. Installing software on it is hard, for me at least, it uses the gnome desktop, stealers, and I see little benefit of this OS on the desktops. Now don’t get me wrong, Oracle makes great software I love, well it buys software and gives it away.  But they should really stop trying to become their own Linux and focus on their software. Like Virtual Box, OpenOffice and whatever else they do. So I ask all of you that read this blog to now to not download the OpenSolaris and not use it. Ignore it and it should eventually go away. I mean it’s sad when you try to be like Microsoft (cough)(cough)(reactOS) and sad when you try to be like MacOS (everyone else) but it’s super sad when you try to be a nobody like Linux. Did you know that there are almost as many Linux users as iPhone users? Irrelevant to this article, but true, we are out there, maybe in other countries, but out there, and you cannot copy or imitate us, you can only join us.


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  1. Enter the system BIOS and choose to boot from the optical disc drive.

    However, you may choose to use the device to read, and utilize
    it for copying books, but only without using the Internet.
    So many times accidently or unknowingly our computer system gets exposed
    to virus.

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