Virtual Machines

OK what are Virtual machines? Remember the film Inception? Well, a virtual machine is like a computer within a computer. Complete with it’s own “fake” hardware and “real” operating system, all inside your very own computer, like using one computer within another. Like this.

Windows in Ubuntu

Virtual Machine Example

So. What are these machines good for? What can they do that my regular computer can’t?

Jared Says: Well, you can download stuff inside your virtual machine and that way, you make sure that you don’t accidentally download a virus and not infect your host machine. Also works for downloading torrents. Also if you want to experiment run a virtual from a limited user account on your computer never from the admin. account to prevent damage on both systems, virtual and Actual.

Erik Says: I use it to test stuff I wouldn’t dare to do in my real machine, surfing download sites, opening virus, programming viruses, and testing out Linux Distributions.

OK! you now want to create your own virtual machine! How do I do it? Will tell you, in my next post! What kind of virtual machines can I create? Any kind! Windows 7 Virtual, Windows 95 Virtual, even any Linux virtual.  Me next post will be a guide to help you create your own and explain the basic logicality of creating one.


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