OpenOffice is bad for you?

According to a commercial I saw today, Open Office, an alternative software to do boring office stuff is not good enough for doing boring office stuff, the commercial says that Microsoft Office 2010 is way better and cheaper. Here’s the commercial Wow. Isn’t it really sad when big Multi-billion companies attack Open-source? See, like many things, Open-source has rules to follow. Here they are. 8 Simple rules for using OpenOffice.

1. You must be your own help desk. Figure it out yourself. You are using open-source because you don’t want to rely on others.

2. You just can’t beat free. No really, I took my own Open Office training course in my own home for free and it cost me 100MB of bandwidth.

3. Stick to the Open-source file formats and you will have less problems. Did you know anyone with Microsoft Office can read .odt files? Yes they can. But shouldn’t it be an OpenOffice only file? No they share the code to let Microsoft users to be able to read their files. Where as Microsoft, doesn’t share their .doc or .docx code and makes it impossible for the Makers of Open-office to figure out. They still do a great job anyway.

4. Most company employees are computer illiterate anyway. I’m sorry but it’s true, I know, I used to be one. I mean if you actually need a course to teach you how to use an office program. You should not be using open-source.

5. Using Microsoft file formats WILL USUALLY cause problems. Try to avoid like them like the plague. Stick to nice and friendly Open Document Formats.

6. If you are a Tie and Suit company that already has an existing Windows server, Windows Desktops, and Microsoft office programs and files formats. Stick to what you already know. It’s easier that way, and yes, more cost efficient.

7. If you are trying to decide between the two because you never used either. Go open-source. That way, if all else fails, you lose nothing and you can always run to Best Buy and have a Sales employee sell you the newest MS Office for 120$.

8. And lastly. Be smart. A real Computer user does not blame others or programs for errors. It is always our own human fault. Never, ever attack Open Source or you will suffer the consequences. Remember, companies come and go, but Open Source lives on Free and forever. Or it just changes it’s name. Eg.. OpenOffice forked into LibreOffice. Yes! More choices. Just what we needed. (no Sarcasm intended)

PS. Sorry for being a bit rude in this post. It’s just that this Commercial got me a bit angry due to the fact that such a great company like Microsoft decided to play the Dirt-slinging game with an opponent who doesn’t even charge for their products.


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