Email providers.

The cool thing about the internet is that we all can have our very own email, maybe even two or three. But in the world that requires us to have a job or even get a job, I’ve learned something. Boring = good.

  Yes, a nice boring serious email address says a lot about you. like such as… The name itself is a joke. And the homepage is piled with mountains of entertainment info. Avoid this email at all costs. Not only is this email provider sometimes inefficient, but when you look at it from far away, it just plain looks like you are goofing off not doing your work. This is great for your personal email for you and friends, but only for that, never for business.

Hotmail or Live Mail: This one is a bit more tolerable. Many real Techs have an account or two here, but again, one thin that bothers is the ads. Anooying a bit, but not as much as Yahoo. Overall, this is a good business email, the documents storage it has built-in, lets you store and quickly access any documents sent to you by email, a real blessing, and it’s photo storage and entertainment page are well hidden from plain view.

Gmail: The homepage itself may sometimes be quite boring, perfect! You can customize it, but don’t, remain serious and to the point. The ads are only words thank goodness so you can easily ignore them. And this provider also has easy document and photo storage just like Microsoft. This email provider is highly recommended. Reliable and great for work or business.

Your own Domain: If you have 5 or 10 bucks a month, you can buy your own domain, such as This is a free domain email for example. These are not always easy to create but they prove you responsible and are serious about what you do, that you ARE your own email provider.

The nickname: One last thing I would like to mention and maybe even the most important. The nickname you put, such as is not a very good name, but something easy to remember or say for others such as techguy90 or 916erik will never confuse people or offend anyone. These tips I’ve learned from school I share with you all. I hope they have been some help to you.


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