Windows Winsxs?

Pronounced: Wins-excess. What does this mean? Well, after a while, for some reason, Windows XP, Vista, and 7 get bigger and bigger for no clear reason. You check why the heck it got bigger, you try deleting programs and removing old files, but the windows folder is still huge! What to do, what to do. You check with, and then you find that there is a huge folder (usually 10GB or more) named “Winsxs” looking inside it looks kind or important, or not.

In reality, this folder is very important to the Stability of windows. (It pretty much “is” your windows components and stuff) You should never delete it, many things will not work suddenly, eg. USB, logging on or off, windows updates. Why? Well Windows is very compatible with many programs available and some programs need special .dll’s to work properly with windows, therefore, for every program, update and hotfix, the dll’s for said pieces of software are added to this folder and later accessed when needed. Cool right? yes, but when you install and uninstall, or update like a good user, this folder gets huge! Growing until you run out of space, no joke! So what to do? Can you delete some unused dll’s? No. Compress? No. What can i do? According to Microsoft, get a bigger hard drive. What? Well, if you can’t afford it, reinstall windows every 6 months. No, this is unacceptable!  (Sigh) So, in order to learn a very valuable lesson, as i did. Do not mess with this folder. The only solution to fix an oversized Windows Directory, is

1. Reinstall.

2. Get bigger hard drive.

3. Use something other than Windows.

Final note: Now, don’t think i’m trashing Windows because of this. I mean, due to this flaw/feature, your windows machine is very compatible with the newest programs that come out and also the older ones. It also helps speed up your machine by keeping them out of the way, and makes it run more reliably. But, it is recommended to reinstall every so often to make your windows run great!

ps. This also adds to the myth that every-time you install an application, you never really can fully delete. (without drastic measures)


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