Tech Slang Part 2!

I found out some more tech slang you guys may need to know. Let’s get straight to the nitty-gritty.

IDE: This is the same as PATA in the first Tech Slang Post, I don’t think i mentioned that. But to clarify. This is the older connection plug thing that CD drives and hard drives used to use. they still use them, but SATA is not replacing them. Whenever someone says IDE, it’s usually followed by, “You still use that?”

SCSI: Pronounced Scuzzy. Scuzzy, is the hard drives commonly used by servers, they are many types of scuzzy but it doesn’t matter, they are more expensive and faster than IDE, SATA comes pretty close to the performance of these hard drives, but server computer like SCSI for some reason, ohh yeah i now remember! These hard drive are Hot Swappable! What does this mean? See next line.

Hot Swappable. This means plug and play, sort of. That you could remove it (hot swappable devices) and the computer will be fine and you could plug it in (while computer is hot=ON) and it’ll work fine again. Does this remind you of anything? yes, USB Drives! Am i not right? So, SCSI is hot-swappable. Making it useful in serves when one breaks down, you just replace it without even having to shut down the server! Amazing. In home use mostly USB devices use this and some DB-9 Connections, your Computer monitor, and Speakers and stuff like that.

RAID: Speaking of hard drives. You may have once heard the term RAID. Pronounced Raid, like the bug spray. but this is not some super anti-virus, this stands for, Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks. I think. Anyway, judging by the meaning of the words you may have already figured out what this is. You can hook up two or more hard drives and make them perform faster! Like my favorite is RAID 0, meaning you hook up two hard drives, they share half and half the information and they only share half the workload each so they both can perform faster! However, in real life, hard drives fail or die, so if one goes out, so does all your info. now how to prevent this. Usually RAID 1 is a backup type of method writes the same exact info to one hard drive and if one fails, you still have the other one. Yay! There are many other RAID methods for hard drives. I explained the simple ones to you, somewhat. But imagine mixing and matching these methods, some may seem practical. So, Maybe some other time I will write about it. Too much about Raid to talk about in in one paragraph!

GPU. this is the graphics processing unit. Displays the video you see on your screen, sometimes it’s built into your motherboard or sometimes it’s on a separate card. Usually called video cards, also helps with video gaming performance.

Bit-rate: It is the rate at which bits of data are traveling at. Usually for video and audio, example 320 or 320,000 bits a seconds. Also applies to internet. For example, if you have a 5 Megabit connection.This does not mean you will be downloading at 5 Megabytes a second. (I had an argument with Techguy90 about this one) it basically means you will be downloading at 500 kilobytes a second. or 1/2 a megabytes a second, Still very fast. However. Many internet providers trick you into thinking it’s more by using Kilobits and megabits instead of bytes. I mean would you rather have one Megabyte a second or 10 Megabits a second? They are both the exact same thing. But the reality is you will be downloading at 1000 kilobytes a seconds. Go here to be sure how fast your connection is The tell me your speeds, but me, i go by how fast my downloads are, not by fancy megabits or what my ISP tells me. (ps. it’s 320 Kilobytes a second)

ISP: Pronounced, I, S, P. Not “isp” Meaning. Internet Service Provider. They are the ones who provide you with internet. You pay them and they give you internet connection. Should be free though in my opinion but who cares. Your ISP can spy on you whenever they feel like it. It doesn’t matter what you do to your computer and what firewalls and proxies you have set up. They can watch you whenever they want, so don’t even try to hide, it will only give you a false sense of security. In fact, all the police needs is a warrant and they will surrender all the info they have on you just like that. Just try to remain anonymous and you’ll be fine. Because you cannot hide. They literally can see the data that goes to your house, becasue they are giving it to you. So that’s why proxy servers are not really good for hiding, just for surfing web sites that are prohibited, like

Bandwidth: this is the measurement of bit-rates that your ISP gives your. No  explanation necessary.

Codec: This is the encoding usually video and audio files have. Some work better for other stuff, like quality, speed, and file size. You can usually pick only two. MP3 and AAC is an encoding type, so is MPEG4 and DIVX, or XVID. (Ps, DIVX is XVID backwards! i just noticed that) So. you need codecs to see video and audio. Now, if a certain video does not play on your computer, do not blame the poor video. It’s probably your computer’s fault for not having the appropriate codecs. You can download VLC player from and it will install the necessary codecs you may need to play video or audio files. Also does the job fine sometimes too. There are also free codecs. Like ogg that lets anyone use it. How is this useful, i don’t know but it’s DRM-free always so that’s cool. Just remember, never use DRM-protected music, It’s evil. bwahahahhahaha.

So that’s all for this weeks posting of Nerd Slang, or tech slang, whatever. I hope you learned some more and maybe next time. I will add some more for you. Whoever you are.


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