Antivirus for Linux

(ahhhhh!) I am yelling inside my head right now! OK let me explain my self. It’s 11:30 PM and i’m working on my laptop. While I was at school, i innocently decided to install an antivirus or two on my laptop. A really good website, who’s name shall go unmentioned, recommended AVG, Avast, ClamTk and BitDefender. I installed them all. I mean one can never be too paranoid right? Besides, installing antiviruses on Linux is nothing like on Windows. Basically they only scan when you tell them to. Not when they feel like it (or so i thought) But after installing all the AV’s i noticed one was a little bit different than the others.

AVG. Now on the website, this one clearly states that it’s for home use only and free to use personal. Sounds fair, but looking closer, i see that it’s Command Line only. Well, a challenge’s a challenge. I install it, but it won’t run at all. hmm wierd. I type in the proper commands and nothing. I tried like so many different things. I eventually give up and decide to try again later. (a note, i leave my laptop on all day, not turning it off) So when i get home i boot into my Ubuntu and for some reason, it take like 5 minutes to start up!!! i notice that “avgd” something was starting up. Dang it! it decides to scan now! So the previous commands i typed in before force it to do 5 multiple scans at once! Rendering my PC unusable. I quickly go into the ALT+CTRL+F1 to use the terminal and type in “sudo top” there i see that 5 scans and using not only all my actaul ram, but the swap space (virtual Ram) as well! I couldn’t even type in any commands after that. (By the way, when you kill a proccess don’t kill .Xorg. that just blanks the screen.) So it’s now a race. I reboot. And as quick as i can type. I go into the terminal once again, type sudo top, and quickly kill any trace of avgd scans. (i did this by typing the k and the Process ID PID) (eg, k 3034) so after i see that ram usage going down, i change back to the gnome desktop and see everythng fine and dandy. (whew!)(PS it is now 12:00 AM and it took me 30 Minutes to solve my Problem) Now to fix the problem for sure. I need to get rid of AVG that thing acted like a virus! (to remove a .deb in Ubuntu use system/Administration/computer janitor) it turns out you need to reboot for it to be activated and the scans are during boot up! Not to mention that there are no easy to find how-to’s on the internet. I had to look on ubuntu forums to get a small clue! Now i ask you this.

How is a normal user, who is not a technician, supposed to use this CLI only program on their desktop? They can’t, no one normal can use this. Not to mention that AVG is not the best, In my own opinion, but it’s nearly unusable for any human being.

Still, i’m grateful i was able to install Bit defender, ClamTk and Avast and my laptop no problem and they work fine. They all have a GUI and one year subscriptions. So, in all and all. I learned something today. How to kill a process in the terminal and that AVG is not good for linux desktop, maybe for server admins who know what they are doing. But for us normal joes, let’s keep things simple.

How can this article benefit you? Well, if you ever decide to use Linux, there may come a time when you decide to put an Antivirus on it? Why would i do that? Simply because your computer is more resistant to viruses, does not make it bullet-proof, and mainly because you may be sharing viruses to all your windows friends without even knowing. And that’s not nice, in fact, it’s just plain rude and disgraceful as a linux user. So. Keep safe and remember, and and are some of the best free Linux antiviruses you’ll ever get. I recommend all three at the same time for ULTIMATE PARANOIA!!!


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