Cloud Storage and You

Some people have seen or read about the services called cloud storage, many companies and websites offer their cloud services for free. but what is it exactly? And what use is it to me? Well, lets start with a nice picture.

Basically it means, that any device connected to the internet can access what everyone else can access. Huh? Well, the picture explains it better than i do. It’s a pretty simple an basic concept. And it’s based on the internet principles that have been around since ever. Like you access files stored somewhere on a server, and as long as that server is up and running and connected to the internet you too can access it.

So why is this new now? Well, it’s not exactly new, in fact, it’s been around since email. You type an email, (like say homework) save it, and you go to school, open the email and print it from there. Wow! you just used cloud storage! See, that email technically may have been written on your computer but it was not stored there, rather it stored on your email provider’s server. But is email the only way you ca do this? Not at all. Let’s list off some of the services that are freely available.

Zumo Drive: Granted, i found this one on the Yahoo Mail services as a feature. Basically you sign up, email password and such. You get like 2 Gig’s of space. Not bad. So how does this service work? Well, you install their little program. And a hard drive pops up on your computer.

You drag file into that hard drive and your info can be uploaded. But you are probably wondering. This all seems useless and pointless, maybe, but, what if you need to upload a file (any type of file under 2 GB) and want to access it form anywhere, or let anyone else access with minimal hassle? Ah, it seems more useful now because then you only have to give them a link and they can access it from any web browser. For example, i’ll share this with you guys right now.

So all they need to do is click on the link, download it and they can use it. PS dropbox is another free program that does the same this, you can also get 2Gb free, and they are all Compatible with Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. So you can share with any computer.

What’s another service you can use for free? My favorite and one that gives you a 25GB boatload of free space to use for whatever you want it, Hotmail. It’s simple, make Hotmail account, upload stuff to your Skydrive. That’s what it’s called. This one has been around for quite a while, been using for two years and very reliable. Only like one or 2 times it hasn’t worked, out of the hundreds of time I’ve used it. The best thing about this one, is it’s all web browser based, so you don’t need to download any software, just upload, share and save. Like this. Downside to this one, is the 50 MB file size limit, but just use a zip folder or rar to cut it up into pieces. (will explain about soon) Still, 25 Gb is just plain awesome amount of space.

But what if you need something that is not exactly storage? I mean to say, you need to store it, but you also need other to view the file there and make changes to it. You don’t get me do you? Ahh all right, i’ll just say it. Google Docs.

This is another really great cloud storage solution, let’s say you really need an office word program now! In like 5 minutes! Let’s get to it!

1. Create Gmail account.


3. type something in a new file

4. Save it

5. Go to another computer

6. Start again from step 2.

Do you get the idea? This Google documents is an excellent new way of doing homework. Type it at home, go to school, make changes to it on the spot and print it you, even download it and upload files to there. Still this is only for office documents such as .odt .doc and .rtf files, but this is something very useful for multiple people working on the same project. How can this be usefull to you? Have you ever wanted to write a story or a novel? Have some ideas at school, but when you get home you forget? Well, anywhere you have internet, you can add to it. See it in action.

Simple no? And have i convinced you yet of using cloud storage? If you have ever used this before you probably know that the uploads are slow, depending on your connection, so don’t expect a huge video to be quick, maybe overnight. But cloud storage is here and it’s free, what about privacy? It about as private as your email. (So technically it’s not private at all) (and if you did think email was private, you’re living in the wrong universe pal) Well, just know that when you need cloud services, it’s always there for you. Unless there’s a nationwide power outage. Then it won’t. :)

So until next time, feel free to comment or question, or even recommend a blog post. My bother recommended this one, so i hope it can be of some use to you guys too.


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