The Linux Mission 3.75 (Chrome OS)

All right, a long time ago i mentioned about the OS Google was working on. Well during that time, the smart phone market has grown to such extreme lengths that Google decided to join that bandwagon. And a wise move at that.Their Android OS for smart phones has gotten very popular and is growing at a faster adaptation rate than the iPhone OS did. So this all means that Google will focus more on their Android OS than their Chrome OS. Will Chrome OS be canceled? Not at all! It’s just been delayed a bit. I was very excited when i heard it was supposed to come out November 25 but unfortunately it will take longer than that. So testing will also be delayed for this blog post writer, i wanted to judge a little more on it, but due to lack of time, and it still being in a beta test, it just wouldn’t be fair to write about it, just yet.

So what now? Well, we wait for something special rumored to be up Google’s sleeve, they say they might make a Google Product and that even though their OS will have to compete with many other similar OS’s it will still be worth looking at. Until then, later! Keep reading below for more informative blogs.


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But can you show me the source code?

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