WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator)

A while ago, and a long time before i moved to word-press, i mentioned WINE, some amazing software to run windows applications if you are not using windows. Why? I mean doesn’t everyone use Windows? Maybe, but lately I’ve gotten some strange requests, people want more simple and secure computer systems. They’ve told me they only need internet, writing program, and some random Windows program they cannot live without. EG Watchtower Library, Photo-shop, or Live for speed. And there are no way they can do without those. That’s understandable, and maybe why most have never even thought about trying any Linux Distribution.

But wait? Who’s this? It’s Wine! The way this program works is that it’s takes bits of pieces of (similar) Windows software and let’s your program run insides Linux as if it was coded for it. Your program is none the wiser, and would run just fine. Most of the times. The way this is done is by a group of very intelligent coders that have created .dll’s and .exe’s that are just like the Windows counterparts but created from scratch and are free to use by any windows program without them knowing it. Here is a picture of some of the file structure that looks just like it’s Windows counterpart.

Ahh familiar goodness.  Now, let’s see this in action. I will use my laptop as an example. It’s using (unsupported) Ubuntu 9.04 and i’ll install Watchtower Library, a bible study program.

1. Open Software center. Install wine.

2. Insert cd and start the setup by opening the cd, look for setup.exe or install or something of the like. Right click it and click open using windows program loader. (if it doesn’t work for you hold on)

3. Install full if possible and once you’re done, a shortcut should show in the desktop or in Applications, wine and programs.

It’s usually no problem to install, in fact this program was in the top ten easy to install using WINE. But, it’s not limited to only this program, or even GNU-Linux, in fact check out the main site! It’s not the easiest to install, but if you need to use Linux in order to have a secure simple system, and use windows software then wine is for you. To see which applications are supported see here Also has more specific help on how to install it on most Linux distros. there was this cool site that helped out a lot too, but i can’t find it anymore. Oh well. Just know that using wine you can install many important necessary programs to run on Linux. Just don’t ever feel forced to used Windows just because everyone else is too.


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