Why I’m doing this.

Well before I begin with my next article, I would like to clearly explain that these posts are meant for normal people whom are not computer technicians, i use these post to inform the regular joes, using Windows Or Linux, tips and things necessary that everyone should know about their pc.

I also mainly do this to practice my people skills in explaining what i do to their machines while i’m working on them. Some are interested in what i do, some couldn’t care less, anyways, i use this to explain and also keep fresh in my mind what i have learned. I’m a young human so don’t expect any great how to’s, in fact, there are none, i just blather on about what you can do and how to do it, but nothing super specific.

These articles are a good read for anyone interested in the technology field of computers. So feel free to read anything that might remotely interest you or comment, or even send me an email on what you want to know more about and if you want to me clear something up. Or correct me.  I also do this cause i’m bored sometimes. :)


About Zerin

But can you show me the source code?

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