A clean PC is a happy PC :)

I mean this both literally and softwarearily. Keeping your computer clean will not only make it look better, but also last longer. Now this may be a long post due to the fact that i will try to explain how to clean your PC physically and using software too. Let’s begin with the hardware.

Why is it so important to keep your computer clean on the outside? Let’s let someone from Washinton explain this.

“If you have a dusty computer it can also be slowing it down, because if the processor heats up too much it would have to slow down in order to not make so much heat.”

This is called throttling. It is most common on laptops. In fact let me show you an example of temperatures.

Now the top one shows that when my CPU or processor is at 1.20 GHz (gigahertz) it’s at a lower temperature, but if i raise it, it produces more heat. Get the picture? (Throttling also help prolong battery life) So if dust is preventing your laptop from cooling properly then you may be already having some troubles. This can also apply to desktops, if your computer overheats too much all the time, then your computer may not last very long.

So how do i clean it? At school they tell us to buy an anti-static vacuum and suck all the dust from the desktop/laptop. I’m not buying any vacuum. So, you can also buy a can of compressed air, available everywhere. It’s fun and very cold. Limited time use though. Still, cheaper than buying a vacuum. Also if you wanna go really cheap, take apart your desktop or laptop. Or just open it up a little, then you will be able to clean it really well. But don’t worry, I won’t try to explain to you how to take apart your desktop today, some other time. For now, just try to keep it clean and dust free.

Also keeping your laptop or desktop clean on the outside helps,such as wiping it down and maybe giving it a nice flame job with a can of premium paint, though it may not make it faster, it will definitely make it look faster and not like the piece of junk it may probably be. (PS i also paint and mod cases at very reasonable prices, call me for more details :) )

So now that you clean the outside of your pc, you will have to clean the software! GASP! Yes and there is not better way to clean your pc than by using what you already have. In Windows we shall start with the junk, such as cache cookies from the internet, or old files that windows doesn’t need anymore due to installations and un-installations, upgrades and hot fixes.

In windows Vista/7 search start button type: clean and press enter.
From there you can clean anything and it will not harm or change your pc in any negative way.

XP users: Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, and Disk Cleanup. Check all or some and clean it up, may take like 5 minutes.

http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner/download/standard also does this and more. I don’t remember if i mentioned this tool before. I use it to clean out many things and everything. It even tells you what you will be deleting, works with XP Vista and 7. Works very well with the registry and clean that up too. Back it up to be safe too if you like. Also includes a file shredder for the super paranoid too. Excellent tool.

Now, we cleaned it up a bit, let’s check for some viruses. All of you surely have an antivirus, run a Full Scan and go watch some tv, this may take like 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the disk, speed of PC, and frequency of scans you do. I recommend a full scan once a month, along with backing up important data, either using windows backup or you own. I also recommend a Malware scan, Malwarebytes is a great free tool for that purpouse. http://malwarebytes.org/ Malware and Viruses may be similar but they are different, so two tools are usually recommended. After the full scan is done, Please see my Scandisk and Defrag post and put into effect if not done already. https://zerinsakech.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/scandisk-and-defrag/

This is about everything i can remember for the Windows Users. For you Linux users, mainly Ubuntu. Let’s see what you guys can do.

In a terminal you can run sudo apt-get autoremove to get rid of old packages that you don’t need. Also feel free to download and use Bleachbit in the Repository, runs just like Ccleaner but much to the point and fewer features, but still just as good. Next once you’ve done that feel free to remove any Applications you don’t need by using Disk Janitor Correction Computer Janitor.

So that’s as far as i know for keeping all your machines nice and clean, inside and outside. Later on i will discuss another post about file organization. I will use my dad’s excellent managed PC as an example and my somewhat organized server as another on how to organize your data properly so you never lose another file again. Until next time!


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  1. It’s called Computer Janitor, not Disk Janitor (at least in Ubuntu 10.10)

  2. Thanks man. i forgot the exact name, i was working a Windows machine and i just did the Linux thing from memory. Now that i got home i checked it and you’re right, A+! or should I say? Linux +!

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