Backing Up!

Now to get to some important duties of maintaining your computer. Backing it up. Everything you do on your computer is stored there, right? Video game high scores, pictures, videos and music. It would be a shame if suddenly your pc burst into flames or some guy came into your home and stole your pc, wouldn’t it? Wouldn’t it? WOULDN’T IT!!!!!?? Well some people couldn’t care less about their computer, it’s more their data they worry about. Like I once heard of a guy who’s laptop was stolen, but was very happy to know that the thief kindly returned all his data on a flash drive. Now that’s good manners.

But not all people are like that, especially fire, they don’t care about your data, which is why we all need backups. Now what is a backup? Well a backup is a place were we store things for an occasion, in this case, when data goes missing. Where should you backup? Well i heard that some people backup their data on the computer itself using RAID or other methods. But do you see something wrong with that? Of course! It makes no sense to backup your info on the place where it comes from, then it wouldn’t be a backup, it would be only a copy, and even though this helps for user error, (eg, oops, i deleted it, nevermind i made a copy! that user error) but it helps for nothing at all when you have you entire computer missing. Which is why a good backup is offsite, meaning, nowhere near your computer.

Where to backup then? (hint) An external hard drive is usually fine for most common users. My dad however, backs up all his info on the home server, and the home server has all the info backup up on a 500GB external Hard drive. You can use automatic tools to remind you to backup every so often. and you can even use different types, such as Incremental, Full backup, and others. Feel free to use the windows backup or learn from it.

Windows 7 also has an excellent backup program that now lets you completely restore a backup in event of a total system failure. However, the backup will only be intended for the machine it was made on, so if your pc is stolen, and you made a windows 7 complete backup, you will have to extract the backup through different methods, still possible, just a little tougher to do is all. Still, any backup is better than no backup. (to find this program type “Backup” in Search bar)

But let’s say you already know what you want to back up, and where you want to back up to. Well then? Go backup! There’s nothing else stopping you! But let’s get on with the other types of backups.

Super-duper important files backup. Remember when i mentioned a while ago something about Cloud Technology and saving your files on the internet cloud? Well some services such as, and give you like 2 GB free to store anything on the cloud, this is one of the best and free ways to store stuff where only you can get access to it, and have securely backed up. Do i use this? Yes, i backup phone numbers and addresses on cloud services, that I can’t lose. There is a small risk of having your documents “exposed” or “lost in the internet” but a very slim chance, just make a good password and don’t forget it.

You can also feel free to back up important data from one computer, onto another computer. That way, if one of the computers goes missing or bad, you will still have your data on the other one, not as reliable as having it on an external drive, but it works when you need it. So that’s all on backing up today, i hope this convinced you guys to do something about it and keep you data safe.


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