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We all know what this means, it’s a program we use to type in our documents, make slideshow presentations, and other useful boring grown up stuff. And the most common I’ve seen people use, mention and buy is Microsoft Word. Now I have nothing really against it, it’s great and works, but it costs money, and if there’s one thing you all know about me, is that I do not like being forced to pay for software, or pirating it, though I will sometimes resort to that, if I have to. (I’m talking about purchasing it.) Anyways, it’s nice to know that not all software costs an obscene amount of money, especially for software that is even better than paid software. I’m talking about OpenOffice. and LibreOffice

You heard me mention it once or twice in my blog posts about OpenOffice, how it was once attacked by Microsoft, due to the fact that MS Word people were scared of a little Open-Source competition. Well, they should be. If you already don’t have an office suite that tends to your homework, work, and schooling needs, then you should really try one of these mentioned above. Why? Well, not only are they free. But OpenOffice is available in many languages, suports many features a common person would never use and is very fast compared to MS Office 2010. LibreOffice is a fork, or an alternate that supports Microsoft documents better than OpenOffice, but it’s still in production, so some features may be different than it’s twin OpenOffice.

However, let’s assume you already use MS Office. And you like it, or don’t care about changing your ways. That’s fine, you are familiar with it and don’t want to waste time learning a new program, but that’s not the case here, as OpenOffice and LibreOffice and very similar to MS Office and work pretty much the same way. Plus or minus a few things.

For one, MS office is only compatible with it’s .doc .xls .ppt and sometimes with Open-Documents Formats, (with added plugins) But LibreOffice is much more compatible with all types of files. They may not always look properly when they are save in MS Office Formats, but always work perfectly when in Open-Document formats. And it’s good to know that anyone will be able to read and .odt, if you allow them. Unlike those pesky .docx files.

Now what else is great about these programs? Well both of them are built atop of 20 years or software engineering and  solid foundations that not many programs can match, it’s also Open-Source which mean that you always be getting “all” the new features that programmers can think of and it’s also available in many languages. Like for example, did you know after typing out a resume or a list or something, you could directly print it our to a pdf? That way you could send it out in a mass email, and everyone can read it, no matter the OS or Office suite they use. Are LibreOffice and OpenOffice better than MS Office? I won’t exaggerate or lie to you, yes, it is. What makes it better? Everything I mentioned and some stuff I probably forgot.

Why doesn’t Windows come installed with this, technically, MS wants you to use their stuff, so usually they give you a limited free trial of MS office, but once it runs out, how are you going to read your files? to the rescue! And also good to know what Ubuntu and many other popular Linux Distributions come with a “Full free” Office Suite. No trials or paying money.

So if you want compatibility and reliability then the free Office programs are the way. But let’s say i convinced you to try it, Will it get rid of your MS office? No, it will comfortably live right next to it no problem, and you can compare the two. Also, if you yet do not have one, feel free to download OpenOffice or LibreOffice, any is a good choice. (altough my personal choice is LibreOffice) The point here is, we have options, so choose wisely Indy.


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