The Linux Mission. LMDE Linux Mint Debian.

Hmm well it’s been a while since I’ve posted something about the Linux Mission, some of you may think I gave up, but no, in fact, quite the contrary, I’ve been super busy with so much that I forget to blog about it. That’s good though, I hate hearing myself rant. OK, so Next up on the agenda is Linux Mint Debian edition. What is Linux Mint?

Well on the site Linux Mint ‘s about page it explains,  “The purpose of Linux Mint is to produce a modern, elegant and comfortable operating system which is both powerful and easy to use.”

Ah that sounds nice doesn’t it? Yes for those who have tried many linux Distros such as PClinuxOS and Ubuntu and didn’t like it for whatever reason, may like the get up and go of Linux Mint, now how is it different? Well, it’s based on Ubuntu but with the added stuff that Ubuntu is purposely missing to avoid dangerous lawsuits. Linux Mint adds codecs, and plays all multimedia out of the box. Also worthy of mentioning that it’s easy to use, especially with that neat little Mint Menu. Yes this would make any Windows User feel right at home. (in fact many may not even notice the difference) but wait I mentioned Linux Mint “Debian” edition, what so different about this one? Well, Debian is what Ubuntu itself is based on, So what the people at Linux Mint wanted to do was work on an OS that was as pure and stable as Debian, while still being easy to use and functional as their other Linux Mint (Ubuntu based) counterpart. Thus LMDE (Linux Mint Debian Edition) was born.

So how did i like it? (I know you weren’t wondering that, but I’ll ask it anyways) My first first thoughts. Well, it’s very picky about the grub bootloader, it wouldn’t boot from the Grub2 bootloader i had already installed so i had to use its own, also it installs in less than 30 minutes from a DVD and less than 15 from a USB. It’s funny though because while it was installing, me and my family watched some episodes of I Love Lucy, (My computer also doubles as a Media Server)  and I was surprised how well it handled the dual monitors I had (Though no 3d Accelaration with stock Nvidia drivers) and sound plus the installation was smooth and silent. Now if only Windows 7 would allow to watch a quick TV Show while it’s installing.

LMDE is based on Squeeze so it’s not the “Stable” Version, yet. (Update! It is now stable)  And the 64bit edition has the fancy 200lines kernel mod that adds performance somehow. After the install I did around 300 MB of updates, left it to work that out overnight and in the morning, and after much thought, decided to replace the original Kernel it had with a Stable newer one. The reason for this I decided was that I want a pretty stable system. I do hope it lasts more than the last Ubuntu install, 3 months. To quote someone on the internet, I forgot who it was, “I’m a tweaker, give the me most stable OS ever, and I’ll make it unstable in a couple hours. :) Sometimes true in my case.

(Update) After replacing the kernel i had some issues with the Nvidia Drivers. After reinstalling i decided to keep the stock kernel and install the nvidia drivers straight from the Nvidia site. This seemed to work extremly well and would not be a problem, unless i decide to replace my Linux Kernel, which i won’t, at least for a while. Manually installing Nvidia drivers straight from the site was also a breeze, minus booting without a GUI.

So how easy was it to use? For me, it’s very easy, it seems to have everything already built in, all i need, ready to go. I like this, and after removing things I obviosly wouldn’t need, I got to adding the things i eventually would. One other thing is that since this is Debian and Ubuntu is based on this, most .debs i already have work without having to download seperate ones. Nice.

Also I can’t forget the whole main reason I decided to go with LMDE, after testing it in virtuals and on my 10 year old laptop. I really like how it’s super fast! While updating, it takes only 300 Megabytes of ram. Idles at 250MB now. (update, with GLX Dock and everything i need built in, idles at around 400MB while torrenting) So it’s ideal for those of us who have little ram to spare. Not only is it light on it’s feet, but quick on the draw. Usability on this baby it very good, My brother is using it now, so when i get home I’ll ask him how he liked it. (Update) My brother definitly noticed he wasn’t using Ubuntu anymore, he told me there was a lag when opening folders and certain programs, but only my like a second or two. Many of the usual programs where not available in the software repository but they could be found in the Package manager, and this LMDE seemed to handle my virtual machines a bit more reliably, from what I felt. It did feel faster for me, and lighter than Ubuntu, and it’s great that Linux Mint decided to Mintify Debian, becasue it just makes it so much easier for the rest of us.

So Does LMDE get my recommendation? Yes it does, however, it’s a step up from Ubuntu, if you still have not tried it, I would recommend you get familiar with Ubuntu first then you can fully appreciate LMDE, Or just try Plain ole Linux Mint. I would recommend the DVD version. The great thing is you can run them straight from the CD or DVD and just use it while installing. They are Live Distributions, so feel free to use a DVD for trying it out. And what i just realized is so neat about almost all Linux Distros, isn’t it cool that you can actually use your computer just by booting off a Disk or USB? That’s just a lifesaver.


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