The Versus!!!

Ok i’m bored today so i want to do a quick and easy contest. I want to know what you people like. Let’s get to the point.

Intel VS Amd

Now this also applies to what hardware you already have if you don’t know what you prefer. I’m just curious which is most popular amongst my friends and readers.

And what Video card do you have? Or would you like to have?

In the end, the wallet decides, but is that what you really want?

So what Web Browser are you reading this in?

Now let’s say your teacher want you to write-up an essay, you instantly open up…

So many to choose!

And what email provider do you have? it’s ok if you have more than one!

Facebook does not count. :)

Do you download stuff?

Don’t worry this is anonymous. No one will know.

And how do you find stuff?

Well. That’s just about it. I thank you for your time, ohh and by the way, one last poll.


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But can you show me the source code?

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