How to create an ISO

The easy way, that’s right, there is an easy way to create iso’s from your very own cd collection. See as a computer tech dude, we tend to have a ton of bootable cds, live cds, and install discs. But then we realize that we don’t need to carry all of them with us all the time, and the ones that we do use all the time, well, they start to get scratched, and that’s unacceptable. So we store them digitally as ISO’s, and as you may know, any respectable computer technician has their collection of isos that they will be glad to show off. I have around a total of 100+ not sure how many, most are Linux ISO’s and some are Windows and others I have no idea. I also store some ISOs of video game install discs. For backup purposes only. (cough) Yeah right.

OK so do you understand why it’s safe to backup all your discs in digital format? I mean if you lose your case, you can always just burn a copy of that disk from a backed up iso. That’s so convenient. because we all back up our music in mp3 digital format, and videos in AVI, but no everyone backs up their important discs. So i will show you a neat tool that makes it easy to do so.

No I’m not advertising, here i’ll show you what to do. Download this tool from this site since the original SITE is down. LC ISO See this is a zip file, open it and save the file on your desktop for now. This program will not install, in fact you can just run it by double clicking it. Do so now please.

Well, now you just select the drive where your cd is and create the iso. It doesn’t get easier than that. All over the web I searched for an easy ISO creator, some are complicated, too full of features, shareware and junk. This one lives up to it’s name. Lucersoft ISO Creator. When someone at school showed it to me, I couldn’t help but share this with other people. Works well in XP, 7 or Vista, and it works well with bootable cds too. This tool however, does not work with Audio CD’s, just use something else for that, like iTunes or Windows Media Player.

Now you people may have already heard about this one, or have one you prefer, like Alchohol 52 or powerISO, but I’ve always used the Brasero before. And unfortunately it’s only for Linux. So this makes an excellent Windows alternative.

So people remember to backup your discs. And let your ISO collection grow!

One more thing, to check if your ISO was properly made, use this program to open and mount it. I don’t remember if I mentioned this before, so here it goes again. You will have to install to use it, it’s freeware so it just works for mounting ISO’s. It’s also safe, both of these programs were tested in virtuals.


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