How To install LibreOffice Ubuntu/Debian

Those of you who have read my old post advertising OpenOffice and Libreoffice can rest assured that umm, they are still available. But when I made the quick and relatively painless from OpenOffice Oo to LibreOffice LO, I wished the readme file was easier to understand. I barely understood it, but mainly due to my Linux Experience I was able to understand it, but for a new dude, might be a bit tough, so let me be quick and show you an easy way to install LibreOffice in Ubuntu and Debian.

Step 1. Remove OpenOffice. Your documents will not be deleted, only the program, yes you will have to reset your settings and language packs, but it’ll only be a moment stop crying.

Ubuntu and Debian Remove (in a terminal, copy and paste this:
sudo apt-get remove openoffice*

sudo apt-get purge libreoffice? This command deletes Libreoffice in case you changed your mind about installing it. This was also taken from the LibreOffice readme file.

and for extra measure you can do the bottom command too.

sudo apt-get -y remove

This removes the old OpenOffice and everything related to that. Now Download LibreOffice. Remember this is for an Ubuntu and Debian system.

Unpack this tarball, by double clicking and opening, drag the folder onto the desktop.

Step two: Open that folder Libreoffice and there you should see two folders, now open up a terminal and type cd (Then drag DEBS folder to the terminal) now press enter. (You are now in the debs directory in the terminal) Now type: sudo dpkg -i *.deb

If this did not work, and an error came up and said, something like, “not executable or can’t intall bla bla bla.” Right click that folder (DEBS) you just clicked before and go into properties, now click “Allow Executing as a program” option for all files.

Step 3: By now all those file should be installed. should take like 5 to ten minutes at most. In that terminal, type this in now: cd desktop-integration

And copy and paste this again too: sudo dpkg -i *.deb

After doing this, you should be done. These steps are very easy considering they could have made this harder, and these steps were taken straight out of the Readme file, however, since this program is meant for many other OS’s it included other ways to install, and therefore made the readme a bit difficult to understand maybe for a new Ubuntu or Debian user. Here is the Official how to. 

So make sure you always read the documentation and the readme’s. Until next time.

PS. i forgot, to make sure your system is nice and tidy after this I recommend typing this up in your termial: sudo apt-get autoremove

and: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

to ensure everything is nice and up to date.

These step were tested on a Debian Squeeze machine and Ubuntu 9.10 with no problems. To install language packs, install then from website and they will work just fine in LibreOffice.



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