News on the Tech Front.

Yeah, this is not going to be yet another usual post, fellas, sorry to disappoint you, but I felt like writing about the tech news that nerds care about. To make this interesting, I’m changing my writing style a bit.

Characters are:
Erik=Semi-respected Computer Technician.
Studio=Reporter Female known as (F)
Zerin Sakech: The Boss of ZerinTech

So, tuning in on EZSS is the Technology news report. Here on the scene is the latest on Microsoft. (and by latest, i mean late). Erik Sanchez live…

“Yes readers today I’m on a windows machine, eagerly waiting for the Service Pack 1 update that is scheduled to come in on February 22 and update our computers. Talking to some of the nerds at my school, many are going to wait it out until they are sure it’s safe to install. Due to the last update for Samsung Windows Phones that left them “Bricked”, they are worried that the SP1 update may do something similar to their computers, a wise move indeed.”

(F): “Erik, are you worried about that? Why are you actually waiting for this?”

Erik: “Well to tell you the truth, I’m just curious to see what’s new, I also do hope something breaks down, so i can learn how to fix it. Either way, it’s not my main Operating system, so I’m willing to gamble. Tomorrow, I’ll tell you how it goes. ”

One day later….

“Ok it’s been a day already and man was I right. The Service Pack includes a new Windows Genuine Validation thing built in, meaning that the old cracks for Windows 7 will not work anymore.”

(F) “Should people who actually bought the product worry?”

Erik: “No not at all, since I actually own a pirated edition, (Strictly for testing purpouses! Don’t sue me yet MS) i got flagged, but no worries a quick search on the torrents site and a new crack was made to bypass this. It works fine now, and my PC is up to date and runnning reliably. Peopl who legally purchased the product should be fine as long as they update. The real problem is that it is not checked by defualt.”

(F): “What do you mean? Checked? Won’t the Computer find it?”

Erik: “It finds it all right, it just won’t tell you, at least it didn’t tell me, i actually had to search for updates and check the box in order to install. A normal user would never do that, so i guess the SP1 for Windows 7 does not automatically install itself, it will require part on the user’s part for the SP1 to install. -1 for laziness.”

(F): “You heard it here last folks, new update, new problems. Now we go on live to our Linux Geek, Zerin Sakech, the Proud owner of ZerinTech (Formally known as Zerin Sakech Company) And boss of everyone here. Sir, what’s going on in the Linux side of things?”

Zerin:” Things are going great, recently, the stocks for computers with Linux Built-in has risen, proving once more that I am not a bad investor. In fact, a new computer Builder is now in the market. and even though the machines are not the cheapest, they are new and come ready to go. Great more competition. Lets see what else. Ohh yes, in this year of 2011, it just seems that more Linux Distros keep popping up just about everywhere. I can’t keep up!”

(F): “Like which ones sir?”

Zerin: “Well, Debian Squeeze has recently been released and is now fully Open Source. Meaning that all the software and drivers that it uses by default, will be free to use and modify, this now makes Debian a fully Free Operating system, a great addition to a line of many others. Now Personally, I just care that it’s free and i can use it however I please, it makes it even better now that i can install this OS, customize it and sell it on our own line of home-baked pc’s. Without getting sued. Also a new kernel has just been anounced and boy does it get better with every update. Ahh! It’s a great year for Linux indeed.”

(F): “Wow, that’s great Sir, so you’ll be saving money then?”

Zerin: “Why yes (F) we will, ZerinTech now offers 40$ Linux installs, of any Distribution of their choice, or mine, and includes, One hour free teaching session, one on one, on how to use their new OS. Also, repair costs and hardware costs on our part will go down, so we will save money, as will the customer.”

(F): “So can I get that raise now?”

Zerin: “No.”

(F): “Well folks I quit.”
(F) Stands up, walks away, leaves room. Zerin is on the Telly looking around and wondering what the heck? Erik is glued to a computer waiting, not noticing what just happened. The world continues to spin ’round and ’round. Until next time, this is…

The Ghost Writer.  

PS: Sorry if this sounded like a commercial or something, that was not my intention. I tried to sound like a news report, which by coincidence, almost always sounds like a commercial anyways.


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