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Note: This is for an older version of Linux Mint 10. Linux Mint LXDE 11 is out.

Ok one more post for the Linux mission. I finally resurrected my old laptop for some more GNU/Linux testing! Yay for me! Too bad for you, you have to read this. Yes, I installed yet another OS on my old Dell C840. This time it’s Linux Mint LXDE 10. RC

What’s so different about this one? Isn’t it just Ubuntu with the LX Desktop Enviroment and some added stuff? Ehh. In a way, but it’s much more than that, it’s a much more ready to go Linux Distribution. Let me describe it for you. It’s an Ubuntu based Distro. Their main edition comes with the Gnome desktop. Just like Ubuntu, but with the difference that it is set up to make Windows user feel more at home, in a similar aspect, check out how the LXDE Environment looks like.

It’s got a normal Menu, icons, task-bar and all the usual things we are used to. But you may notice that it looks ugly though. Yes well, I changed some things up a bit, bit it’s not supposed to look glamorous, in fact, the LXDE (Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment) is supposed to be light, quick, and simple. Installed with the most minimal needed recourses to get things done in with the least amount of power and time. And it’s also perfect for older hardware that suffers to run a full blown Gnome desktop, I mean cause, it’s heavy Doc! So if you have older hardware like mine, it’s the perfect fit. Also, even if you have decent hardware that runs regular Ubuntu fine, you might want to think about LXDE anyways. I tried it on a P4 Hyperthreaded with a good Nvidia video card and a gig of ram, and man this Distro was responsive! And that’s how I like my hardware.

Now usually, you can get Lubuntu, an Ubuntu distro with LXDE by default, or install it with your current Linux Distro, but for us lazy minimalists. Linux Mint team has decided to make one with all the things us computer users may need. That way we won’t have to install a million apps and programs, after reinstalling. But one more note about the LXDE, it’s minimal, meaning it won’t have all the fancy features gnome and KDE has to offer, so it will cut out lots of stuff you may not even care about.

Now for my personal experience, on my laptop, it took around 1 hour after the initial install to have this distro suited to my needs, a good time considering uncooperative drivers and large amount of programs I still installed.  including wine and libreoffice, and games. The default desktop theme looks good, better that some. The menu though, was crazy simple. easy to navigate, but hard to configure, plus, it’s a bit crammed in there. See if you install a lot of stuff, it just doesn’t look good, because this desktop environment was not meant to hold so much stuff, i might install a new menu bar later on, or just figure out how to properly configure this one, but that’s my only nuisance. look at the preferences bar for example.

Woah mama! That’s a lot of preferences, I mean it’s got a lot, but it just wasn’t meant to hold a lot of stuff in their menus. Like such as,t the Gimp, I love that, and Pidgin and Thunderbird all by default, part of the proof that this is a very different distro than Ubuntu, in the fact that it doesn’t care much for what comes by default, but cares about what is useful.

So does Linux Mint 10 LXDE get a space in my cd wallet? Yes it does, full of stuff, 700MB, latest ubuntu base on it, and quick, very quick, good for new and old hardware, yes, yes it does. A true linux distro. This link shows off more pictures and stuff. Also one great thing is that you can torrent it too! Legal torrenting rules!

Last note: This i tested was the Release candidate, according to the Linux Mint Website, the final is out.


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  1. Why use Linux Mint LXDE when you can just use Debian LXDE? And save the jump from Debian to Ubuntu to Mint? Makes no sense to me to have an OS with all these other dependencies. Why not start from the source? The desktop will all look the same like LXDE won’t it?

    • That’s a sounds good way to look at it. Personally I’ve seen that Linux Mint, takes Ubuntu LXDE (Lubuntu) and makes it easier to use out of the box. Debian LXDE is nothing like that, rather it’s “Here’s a desktop, build around it yourselves.” However, I do agree that Linux Mint LXDE has a lot of dependencies but it does make the system easier to use such as installing graphics drivers and codecs. Where as Debian with LXDE will involve much work to get just right, however the performance boost will be worth it.

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