Upgrade your browser.

What you talkin’ Willis? Internet Explorer. Don’t think I’m ranting, I am referring to Internet Explorer Version 6. This is a version of a web browser that came out ten years ago. Now, normally I angry when i hear that people still don’t want to upgrade or even update their OS, I get really angry when people don’t even install service packs, I get really furious when people don’t update/upgrade their web browser!!!! Click on picture below for more info.

Let me tell you a small story, a customer asked me to come over and look at their computer, saying the internet wasn’t working right, normal i assumed. To my surprise i noticed they were using an old XP machine to get on, no updates and you guessed it, IE6 (Internet Explorer 6) I installed Opera and left, made a quick $40. (I also worked on their laptop for something else but that’s beside the point) The point is, they would have saved a lot of trouble if they installed another browser to surf the net. Why? Does it really matter? Yes so much.

See, the internet is a growing place, it improves everyday, it wasn’t long before you didn’t have 3d games in the browser and tabbed browsing to organize your windows. Remember back then with IE6 that you had to have lots of windows open instead of using tabs? No? let me remind you.

It’s funny that Internet Explorer crashed before I could open anymore windows. Is it that old? Imagine an old Ford Model T trying to drive in todays traffic! So, now that you understand why you shouldn’t use it, you should no know how to upgrade it. How? Go to this site, it’s my site, but it explains how to upgrade your browser in a simple and effective way, also, make sure you are logged in as an administrator or root. Are you up to date?

Ok so now that you helped the internet become a better place by updating. You may be asking yourself, this is so easy why doesn’t everyone do this? Let’s list them off in no particular order.

1. Laziness. Some people just need to check their email and be done with it. They don’t care if the webpage looks ugly or it crashes all the time, they just need it to work for like 5 minutes and be done with it.

2. It won’t update! Yes, Windows sometimes makes it impossible for one to update. See, in order to install EI8, (the latest one for XP and Vista) you need to make sure you have all updates and service packs. And in order to do that you have to install, wait, and sometimes, watch it fail. So frustrating that you just forget about updating your browser.

3. Piracy. Did you know that to install EI8 back then, it required you to install WGA? (Windows Genuine Activation or something like that) That meant that all of those people who pirated Windows decided not to upgrade their browser, or bother downloading a new one, meaning that they are still on IE6. But Microsoft is nice, even if you are using a pirated version of windows, they want you  to update, here’s an actual quote from MS

“Microsoft takes its commitment to help protect the entire Windows ecosystem seriously, and we’re taking a step to help make consumers safer online,” said a spokesperson. “We feel the security enhancements to Internet Explorer 7 are significant enough that it should be available as broadly as possible, and this means removing WGA validation.”

Wow, so even if you have a pirated Windows, you should totally update. See M$ does care about you thieves.

5. Too costly. Yes, even though it may be literally free to upgrade, big companies are not going to make their expensive tech department upgrade all the hundreds or pc’s, because it would take too much time and be too much man power, so in order to pinch a few pennies, they don’t update.

Check out this graph.

If you don’t have time, i’ll sum it up for you. IE6 users total:

USA: 2.9%

South America: 9.5%

Asian Countries: +50%

Wow. So it’s not just an American Issue, it’s global. But why do other countries use an older browser? Money. Think about this, and it’s sad but true. Whenever you upgrade your Windows and browser, you probably need more memory and faster CPU and Hard disk space, in other words, sometimes a new computer, or at least parts. So many people in order to save money, don’t upgrade their software, they conform to what they have and deal with it. They simply can’t afford to upgrade!

See, every new version of Windows and Internet Explorer requires a more powerful system, we may not noticed it here in America cause we are rich, and can afford nice systems, but when there are other necesities in life, you can’t afford to even update your machine. Now, this is and has almost always been a Microsoft issue, according to them, you should throw away that old i386 machine and get a new 64bit monster to fully enjoy what Windows has to offer. But, there’s always another option, GNU/Linux.

But then again most people don’t feel like using anything Linux, so they stick with the old. Here we go again.

So to sum it all up. Microsoft wants you off IE6. Because imagine your company is being judged by an outdated product you made years ago. It’s not good. So even if you are using a pirated XP, update.

The internet is dropping all support, no wait, DROPPED all support for IE6, new sites that will come on up from now on, will not even work right on IE6, maybe not even at all.

It’s not safe to stay on IE6, unless you like viruses. Then yes with all means, keep using it. And not only that, but updating will give you more features that I’m sure you’ll apreciate, like tabbed browsing! Check out the MS site that clear up some details. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/internet-explorer/compare/mythbusting.aspx

Also, you’ll notice that i wasn’t bashing Internet Explorer for being lame, (cough) even though it is (Cough) because it’s improved so much since it first came out. Not only is it the most popular web browser, (Mainly because it’s installed by default, and it’s name has the word Internet on it, (studies show new computer users are most likely to click on the IE icon rather than a firefox or yelllow/green/red/blue ball) but it’s also one of the oldest. The nice thing though is we have a choice. Yay!

Fun stuff to do with internet explorer 6. Insert this into the address bar ms-its:%F0: And watch it crash. :)

Now for those of you who know how to make websites, hide this code somewhere in the page what watch IE6 drop dead!

<script>for (x in open);</script>

Warning those of you even using IE6 may not even see this page cause i inserted this code. lol, of course they won’t see this! :P

PS. one more thing, i know this blog post is very messy today, but i had not time, in order to check which Internet Explorer you are using, click on help on top and click About. That should tell you what version of browser you have.

PPS> I also want to thank you all for reading my blog posts, most of my friends are the ones who read it anyways, but those people i don’t know matter too. Also thanks for doign the quiz and one more thing i wanted to mention. No one ever finished the Monkey Island challenge. My guitar is still up for a prize, i guess no one wants it. :( ohh well, juts mentioning it, in case anyone wants to complete the challenge. https://zerinsakech.wordpress.com/2010/11/01/76/


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