A Thank You!

Well, this blog has been going for a short while, and in that short while I’ve had many visitors. Some people I know, and some I don’t, I just felt like saying thank you for reading my posts and I do hope you learn something from all this, because that’s my point, I want everyone to learn, even if it’s just a little more about computer. It’s very important in the world, unfortunately, and sometimes necessary, say to email a résumé, contact a relative for less $, or learn other stuff. So we need to know how to do these things and do them well and effeciently, and it helps if you know the machine you are using.

Anyways, just saying thanks for reading and please comment on anything you don’t understand, or if you want me to rewrite something that i didn’t explain well enough, nothing too big or small. Recomendations are nice too, i can add more pictures or videos too, maybe even capitalize my i’s a bit more often. But I need to know what you guys want, so you’ll have to tell me, cause i can’t read minds you know ;)


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But can you show me the source code?

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