How not to update your browser.

Well, if you remember my second to last post, I wrote about updating your browser, I wanted to see it if was as easy as i thought to update Internet Explorer, it’s not. Let me show you.

I created a new virtual machine, Windows XP No Service Pack. My dad actually bought this CD when XP just came out that year. OK so i set it up and wanted to surf then net, (In a virtual and no Antivirus, so not totally necessary) so i went to the MS website and downloaded the latest IE for XP. tried to install it and this came up

Ok that’s useless for a user. Useful for me cause i know that mean i need to update my pc first. Unfortunately most people would not know that, so i guess i can’t install IE until i update my pc first, fine. But how does another browser install? Well, let’s give Opera Browser a chance. I downloaded it, ooh! Only 7.12 MB i like it. Clicked on it. This shows up.

Yes! So far so good, the install takes about a minute and in no time i am surfing the web in an up to date Web Browser. My pc is still No Service Pack, and that’s a security issue right there, and no AV but I’ll update that after I surf some sites. So in the end, if you need to surf the web now! and don’t have time to update and all that, I would recommend Opera, because it’s the smallest web browser that still has a lot of features and installs in the fastest time, at least compared to IE’s time, maybe an hour or two after updates and a couple reboots.

But let’s say you have a Windows XP SP3, like most of the population, and you update like a good user, you should already have the latest IE. But if you just reinstalled, and you want to update IE, you download the 16.2 MB IE install kit, it will take no less than 10 minutes to install. The good news is that it will be up to date, but it takes too long. I test the install in a SP3 machine and it installed fine, no error or need for other random updates.

It couldn’t check for malware, but i didn’t want it to do that anyways. So this is an improvement, compared to No SP. Yay MS, but it still takes too long.

So in the end, what did we learn? Installing IE takes too long. Anything else is much faster. Also, that updates take forever too, so do them and don’t hold them back until they stack up to 2 Gigabytes.

PS. updates also take very long on MAC OS X, i just found out the hard way. Why? Don’t know, but I suspect security holes and viruses, hmmmm…….

Anyways, if any of you want easy to click link for web Browser, get them here.

Internet Explorer 8 Vista and Below

Internet Explorer 9 Windows 7 and up.

Opera Web Browser


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