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Yes, I’m making yet another blog, this one’s about video games, however, it’s more like a test to test out the Google Blogger site. I wanted to see how it works, amazingly, it’s strikingly similar to WordPress, but i was just curious, also, i wanted to see if this video-game blog would even last. But is it a wise move to separate my blog into two? I mean i could have one for video games and one for tech stuff, or should i join them? You tell me. Also, one more thing, you may notice that i have a Meebo chat thing client, for some reason, even if i’m logged in, it sometimes says i’m offline, so don’t hesitate to chat it up even if you think i’m offline, I’ll explain more about this issue in a future post about IM Chat clients. WooHoo!

PS. I almost forgot, to see my other blog. Click here.


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But can you show me the source code?

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