Jared and Zerin’s PC Repair Shop (Advertisement)

Yes I am going into buisiness, well I have been in business for a while, and considering the steady stream of ten readers per days I have decided to impliment advertising on this site. (Not much compared to other blogs, but many nevertheless)

So let me tall you a story, sit down old chap. A long time ago I went into the PC repair business with a dude Zerin Sakech (Still my Boss), we started the Zerin Sakech Company. I just repaired pcs and he took care of stuff, anyways, no one could pronounce the name of the company so he changed it to ZerinTech. At around the same time he joined forces with Jared PC Repair services and now we have a total of 5 Employees! Yay! Growth! The 2 Other employees are Lawyers, we need them.

So that is all, I’m just telling you all, you may have seen the new site, i have a link down there where the blogroll is, but if you want to see out new site and pricing… JaredandZerin.wordpress.com 

Also we need a Logo. so far all we have is this.

Well thanks for reading faithful readers. Keep learning and make sure an informative blog post a day, keeps the pc repair-man at bay.


About Zerin

But can you show me the source code?

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