Guess The Ram! Part 2!

All right so you remember that a day or two ago I made a challenge to all you people, guess the ram? Well if not just look  a little further down. and maybe you can still play the challenge. It seems to me that no one decided to vote or even guess the RAM, what the heck? I gave you all like two days. It’s not that hard people, you can even guess if you want to.

Oh well I can just give you guys the answer. Here it is.

You can click on it to see it more clearly. As you may have noticed. The ram usage is….. 638! Yes 426 of actual ram was used plus 212 of swap space, a very balanced setting to give the maximum speed while trudging through. The test machine was an old Pentium 4 Laptop. 2.4 GHz and only 512 actual ram as you may have noticed. The hard drive is only 30GB and 5200 RPM speed, so you may already know that it’s not the fastest, but it’s also noteworthy that this old computer can still run two virtual machines that the same time. I mean in a world where VMware is not installable, Virtual-box shines and does the job, slowly yes, but it does the job well.

I’m kind of sad that no one wanted to even vote or play the game guess the ram but I’m just happy to be using my laptop again and be able to keep it useful in this time and age where we replace computers as regular appliances and not as the friends they are. See my lesson to you all is, just because a computer desktop or laptop is old, does not mean it’s useless. It may be slow compared to today’s standards, but it wasn’t like that when you bought it. was it? no, because as time passes by, the internet grows,  we get newer programs the but the OS and hardware stay the same. And many people realize this, but it’s usually free or very cheap to upgrade.

Anyways, I’m out of time today, thanks for playing.


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But can you show me the source code?

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