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So I know that there are some Linux users out there who use some Linux on their desktop or on the server, and you probably have learned all about the miracles of not dealing with Windows Genuine and Antivirus. Even if your desktop or server is invulnerable to Viruses, you can still infect others and cause major havoc. So the nice thing to do and probably the most polite, is to install an Antivirus and keep your data clean. But where would I get one? Is there one out there? Yes let me show you.

(Note) A while ago I posted about Linux AntiVirus programs, ok a long time ago, it wasn’t about installing, just ranting. This one will show you how to. And a little about them.

ClamAv. This one is available in the Ubuntu repositories, so you can just install through the Software Center. But for most other ditros, like Debian and OpenSuse, follow this guide. If you look all over the page they have a scanner for windows too. Now why would I recommend this one first? Just because it was random choice, really, this is the best OpenSource solution I could find that provides virus scanning for Linux machines and Windows. It finds mostly, if not all, Windows viruses and updates easily, when it works. Now I’ve had some trouble with this one, mainly getting it set up on Ubuntu 64bit, but that was long ago, I’m sure they’ve ironed out the bugs since then. Also you should note that this is only a scanner.

 There are some variants, free and based on ClamAv, but they are annoying and too paranoid, namely Immunet (it’s free but not for me), so the ClamAv will only scan your computer when you tell it to, it updates on it’s own, but YOU tell it WHEN to scan. This is not good for the windows version, but it’s perfect for the Linux version due to the fact that it’s not a real threat if you don’t have a real-time scanning, but Windows needs it. So ClamAv for windows no, but for Linux yes. Unless you are really low on resources on windows and you don’t want to waste 20MB of ram, then yes, use ClamAv.

Avast: My personal Favorite AV on windows, it’s nice user-friendly and out of the way, and it works. I was so happy when I learned about their free Linux version for Home users. It’s nice that Avast cares about the 1.5% linux Home users. Get it here It was not hard to find this page at all, it’s just at the way bottom of their products page. When you download you have the register with them beforehand and get a key so you can use it for free for an entire year, every year you can do this and have a free Avast AV for Linux for life.

Once you got your key and your download, all downloaded and installed. (Note if you do not find Avast anywhere are you installed, type avastgui in a terminal)You will notice that the gui interface is ugly and boring, that’s normal, remember this is Linux, meant for serious business and no frills. Now how to install? Well if you are on Debian/Ubuntu type this command in the terminal sudo dpkg –force-architecture -i avast.deb(Drag and drop avast.deb here) and you should easily install where you are on 64bit or 32 bit. But the real problem with Avast is not installing it, it’s getting the license key, so don’t forget that. but it is a hassle that there’s no 64 bit avast. Darn you, so compiling might be necessary. (note, it is.)

So what about Avast? How is it? Very nice, easy to use / update and of course it’s only a scanner. Hmm are you sensing a pattern here? Yes, most ir not all virus scanners for Linux are scan on demand only, you can set it up to do realtime scan, i know AVG does, but it’s complicated, Command Line and unnecessary even for paranoid virus freaks. in fact let’s get on with AVG.

AVG: This one is terminal based, meaning there is no user interface and you have to type in the commands and well, let’s just say it’s not easy to use. (Note. I couldn’t find the home edition anymore, only the business edition, I didn’t try very hard anyways.)

BitDefender: This one’s not that bad actually, but I still prefer Avast, they do have easy to install .debs for 32 and 64 bit, plus RPMs for your usual linux distro. So get it from here. click on the request free license for personal use only (On the right under related links) and it will email you a link where you can download the latest bitdefender and a key for one year personal use, repeat as necessary. BitDefender’s GUI is a bit better than Avast’s so give it a whirl if you use Linux, again, this is a scanner only, what more do you need?

Thanks for reading, this was just a friendly reminder out there to the Linux community that there are antivirus for Linux and remember to keep your Windows friends safe.

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