Make your computer faster.

The easy way: Buy a new computer. The hard way: Tune it yourself. The cheapest and sometimes best way that most people refuse to take.

Now most people assume their computer are just appliances, but if that’s true, why is it that naturally over time, computers just slow down and eventually die, like a dog or something. It’s not alive or anything, is it? Well in this advanced age of machines, computers are no longer just  fancy calculator boxes, they are living, breathing friends that we hang out with everyday. Well at least in my case, as the local tech nerd.

And like a living things, computers have a body and (somewhat) artificial intelligence. What we feed that brain, could have an adverse effect on the computer itself. Let me just get straight on with how to make your machine faster ok? First of all, we have to know how to maintain your computer. (PS I think i wrote a post about this a while ago, but no one read it, I don’t remember because I didn’t read it.)

Step 1: Things are always easy when you start them.

Cleaning the computer: Go to your kitchen and get a damp rag, wipe your machine until it’s clean! Woah! Woah! Will this really make it faster? Yes, it’ll look newer and as we all know, newer computers are faster. Your computer will think it’s newer and therefore perform faster. Now unplug it and take it out of the cabinet you keep it in. Is it dusty? Well clean it out! Computers hate dust. Just like you and me, computers need to breathe, they don’t have lungs so they have fans to circulate air, this is for cooling, if the back part of your computer is dusty, get a vacuum or a can of air, or blow until you pass out. Ohh yeah, opening your computer up helps too. Yes you heard me right, I want you to open up your computer case and clean out the dust on the inside. Do not touch anything if you don’t want to, just remember not to do this on top of a carpet, do this outside. Clean out the dust completely and close it up when you are done, make sure your machine is very clean and nice. Computers do not come with dust so make sure there is none left. Put it back and plug everything back in. (PS I forgot to tell you, remember where everything went. But I’m sure you knew that already.)

So your computer is clean. Why did I just do that? Well, dust also can choke a pc, and computers create heat, so to stay cool, they have fans, if the fans are dusty, they won’t work as well as they should, if your processor is dusty, it won’t cool properly and therefore, it will run at a slower speed to not create so much heat, like a car engine, this is known as throttling. So in reality, having a clean machine does make it go faster, this works better with laptops, the only problem is, that taking apart laptops to clean them is very hard to do and not recommended for regular people, take it to a professional (Like me :) to show you how to do this and you can learn, it will take a while.

Cleaning out software junk: Like 90% of computers users out there, I’ll assume you are on Windows. (Linux users know how to do this, Mac people don’t need to care) There are many tools out there to help you clean out your programs and claim to improve speed, but really, how is installing another applocation going to make your machine faster? Aren’t you supposed to be getting rid of applications? In a way, yes and no. The following tools are known to be helpful in cleaning junk (Softwarewise) from your computer.

Bleachbit. You can download the portable version(if you don’t install it, it won’t slow your computer down), unzip it, and run the program from the folder, you don’t need to install, just run the program and start checking off what you don’t want. What are you getting rid of? Well, cache from your web browsing, old saved pages, stuff you never heard about, and such. Really you don’t have to be scared or paranoid, this will not harm your pc or your data in anyway. See cause your computer remembers everything, or at least is supposed to, it’s keeps old logs, programs, and files. So cleaning is necessary, and delete programs you don’t use while you’re at it.

CCleaner. Does a decent job too, also has a registry cleaner, now what is a registry? Well, it’s the list that keeps all your programs in order and in check, when you remove or add new software, this list is changed, and sometimes, not all stuff is cleaned up or kept in order. A registry cleaner fixes most of that. The site also has a defragment tool that is also recommended.

So we got the cleanup, we got to defragment. Now we do the hard part. you notice that down there on the bottom right hand corner are a lot of icons? Some you don’t even know what they are! Let’s get rid of them all! This will improve startup time like crazy! Install CCleaner, the link is above and go to Tools and click on startup.

Select all and disable all of them. Now reboot your computer. If some things don’t work, or you actually miss one of the little icons you can enable it back on here. But this will improve your startup speed by a lot!

(Note, disabling all might render some computer services available, like wifi and sound, so in that case, don’t disable those then, they are clearly labeled and marked)

Right so now you cleaned your computer, you defragmented, and you wiped the junk using ccleaner and bleachbit (use both for good measure) and got rid of startup entries. What now? I recommend you run a scan or two with your antivirus scanner. OK and after that? Well if your computer is still not fast enough, remove any and all programs you don’t need, again, use CCleaner and uninstall whatever program is in your way. Ohh yeah, one more good tool for you to use. Glary’s Utilities. This not only has a lots of good useful tools, but also makes use of the windows tools too. Try this one out for good measure and when done, uninstall. Or whatever.

Now even with all of this you did to your computer, and it’s just not fast as it was in it’s glory days, maybe it’s the applications you are using, is iTunes slowing your machine down, are little useless programs like whether channel app, or toolbars slowing your browsing speed? Get rid of them! And even then, if it’s not fast enough still. It may be time for a complete Windows system Wipe. Yes, you may be experiencing what most pc tech’s call. “Windows Rot” NOTE“Windows Rot” is the name given to the phenomenon that every install of Windows degrades over time, gradually getting slower and slower, using more and more ram, until the computer running it needs to be reformatted and have Windows reinstalled. This phenomenon has existed since Windows 3.1 and is alive and well today more than ever in Windows XP and Vista (although Vista hasn’t been out quite long enough to see some of the worse cases of it). Windows 7 has not been around long enough to experience this, although so far so good. (Another note, bad users and no maintenance can cause Windows rot)

So then? What is the real solution for a computer that has Windows Rot? I already told you, reinstall it! Put in a Windows Disk and boot from it, reinstall and start over again. Sure you should save all your data, and files, but your programs will definitely have to be reinstalled. And for some people, that;s not possible, too bad. Good practice is to have all your programs INSTALL files stored somewhere safely in case you may need to install again. This includes drivers.

Once a Windows install is complete. You will have a fresh and speedy system again! Sometimes this is the easiest and best option us repair techs offer to people so they could get on with their lives. Even though most think it’s harder, it’s sometimes the only option when there is spyware, viruses and evil programs installed on your machine. Besides, it’s not that hard to reinstall your operating system, companies now make it easier foir the home user to do, even with nice point and click interfaces, thank you Windows Vista/7!

Even with all this, cleaning and reinstalling, if your machine is still too slow for you and all the new fancy programs, maybe a RAM upgrade is necessary or even CPU, maybe Hard-drive? Let’s throw in a video card! See as the internet grows, your computer does not, and sometimes hardware upgrades are needed, maybe even Operating System upgrades. So just keep your computer in tip-top shape and it’ll be a friend for life. The computer’s life that it, not yours.


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