Windows 7 is now the most used OS in the USA

Finally Microsoft made something better than XP. According the the masses, which for some reason held on to Xp for an obscenely amount of time, XP was the most used OS in the US. Until April of 2011, Windows 7 is now the most used OS on the desktop. Here are the facts.

OS usages in the US

Windows 7: 31.71%
Windows XP: 31.56%
Widnows 7 Beta (AKA Vista): 19.07%
Mac OS X: 14.87%
Linux: .7%

Now this is very good since 7 is MS’s latest system and not bad, however, what is the real reason most people have not upgraded from XP to 7? The most obvious is that Windows XP only requires 200MHz and at least 64 MB of RAM to run. WHAT?!! Yes Windows XP can virtually run on almost anything, not as much as GNU/Linux, but compared to Windows 7 Which needs 1GHz or 1000MHz CPU and at least 1 gig of RAM, not many people want to buy a new machine when their old one will do fine, especially upgrading, uhh most users hate upgrading their hardware to run 7. And when you think about it, if all you do is email, office and internet browsing, all you need is XP. But if Microsoft is going to get rid of it in 2014 then what are all those people supposed to do? Buy a new machine? According to Microsoft, yes. NO! That is unacceptable i want to use my 15 year old desktop and my old laptop. Well then, you know what to do. It might be time to join the minority. No not that one! Go lower, the free one, yes good, very good.

Side note: Windows XP is still the major OS in the World! 46.87% uses XP and Win 7 = 31.17% not bad, but remember that most of the world is not rich, they can’t afford a new OS or hardware to run it (Like America), so they stick with XP. Mehh. At least Linux went up to 5% not bad. not bad

I got my info from here: LOL if you look down to 2003, there where more Linux users than Mac OS users. Check out more statistics and find out why!,12559.html ohh yeah this place too.


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