My take on openSUSE 11.4

Don’t think of this as a review, more like how it went with my time with openSUSE. See I was looking for a new OS to play around with, felt like going to Fedora, but that’s not es exiting as openSuse. The latest 11.4 version has Libre Office Built in and Firefox Beta, now updated to 4.0 and All the goodies you might need. The difference with this Linux Distros is that it’s sponsored by Novell, meaning that they really don’t care much about “free speech software” but more about just plain free software and what works best. They are using the one of the latest 2..26.37 kernel with broadcom drivers, (Firmware downloaded separately) which obviously makes for a better machine, and testing it on my laptop. I just love it.

Not only did the wireless work with only minor adjustments, it worked flawlessly and very well i might add, better than dealing with Ubuntu’s older set of wireless modules. I was impressed. It not only feels more solid than most of the lightweight distros I’ve tried out, but very fool-proof, updates and installation of software is different than Debian based distros of course, but it’s now something i don’t really worry about anymore on my laptop. Now, some of you may have already seen screenshots of my desktop. But i changed it and tweaked it a bit since then. check it out.

 Talk about minimalistic. It’s got the menu down there and all my applications running. It’s great cause even with my low 512 RAM, it’s more than enough for me to multitask and still feel quick enough to be useful. And really most of us don’t need a fancy GUI interface, when something simple will take care of it. OpenSuse is harder to configure the firewall and networks, but I really think it’s due to my unfamiliarity and I’m able to get the basics, so it’s not bad. This OS is not as user friendly as Ubuntu, but I like that cause it really assumes you have previous Linux usage knowledge, this is demonstrated especially during the installation of openSUSE, where there is no live mode and let’s you make many powerful choices.

All is not perfect though. I have trouble removing default software that came in with the OS. Like Gnome-do and other stuff i don’t use. For some reason, every-time I update, it’s reinstalled back again. I don’t mind, it’s just slightly annoying. And oh yes, i still can’t configure shares properly, i can read shares, but not make them. Sigh, my noobiness.

Overall, I like openSUSE and it’s feel, i’m not going to move my desktop to it yet, at least until i get to know it better. Some people say this is more like a Server OS, maybe, but that only means it tougher and challenging. Just what I need.

The desktop I’m now on is iceWM with PCman File Manager. Normally you download the openSUSE dvd and it give you choices on what to install, like Gnome, KDE, LXDE or XFCE, but you can always add more later on. So for now, don’t be surprised.

PS> I’m also working on a short story there, as you may see in my snapshot, it’s not ready yet, but i may post it on here if you guys care to read it. Tell me if you like the sample.


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But can you show me the source code?

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