How to ensure you are virus free.

One of my friends was like, how do i know i don’t have any viruses? I said, “A lot of stuff. Here I’ll make you a list.”

I sent here this email. Then i figured, this would also serve well if other people knew too. (Note. These instructions are for a familiar machine I’ve worked on, they may work for your computer too, but nothing is guaranteed.)

“Well, if you want to make sure your computer is clean, make sure you have time to do this, because it may take a while.
step one, close all programs. and manually update your own antivirus, (I can’t tell you how to do this, because i don’t know what AV you have) then run a scan. once that’s done, and clean your computer using this. you don’t have to install the toolbar or the google chrome, just say no, after that install, run the program, run the cleaner, and also go to tools and run the registry cleaner. you don’t have to back up your registry, just fix changes and done. 
now download malwarebytes.
install, update, and run a full scan, this may take up to 2 hours, so do this at night or whenever someone is not going to need the computer. when the scan is done, it will ask you to show results. then check all the the check marks, remove selected and it will want to reboot. reboot now. after the reboot, uninstall malwarebytes (It may want to reboot again. ) and download this now
download this and run the program this does not need to be installed just run it, (it’s portable) and scan for stuff. ok? once the scan is complete. maybe 2 hours again. remove infections and you can now delete that downloaded program if you want.

(update) one more spyware scanner just to be sure. Spybot Search and Destroy, is a very good tool, takes forever, but does a great job too. It’s a nice and hefty 16 MB file so make sure you get the right one and go have a long snack or something while it scans.
now to really make sure stuff is clean. you have vista i remember. so you need to make sure you have the latest internet explorer. download the latest for vista. This will make sure you are up to date.
also, you’ll want to update your system. click start in the search type windows update and make sure your computer is up to date. Now after all that, run ccleaner again. and for good measure download this install, use all the tools in here, or at least just use the tools you are comfortable with and uninstall the program when you are done, it will want to reboot.
Now you need to defragment your hard drive, this may take a long long time, so do this overnight. click start button, type defragment and run the tool. this may give you a warning saying it won’t work right because of low space. but ignore that for now and take into consideration it’s advice. “

That’s the email i sent, i hope it does her well, i wrote this up very quickly, but it’s only to make sure you are virus free, does not work well if you are already super-duper infected. yes there are many step to do this, but are there any other alternatives? YES 5 easy steps to remove any virus.

1. Download any linux distro

2. burn to disk

3. boot from disk

4. install

5. enjoy virus free computing, for now.


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