My blathering on about Micrsoft.

Sorry guys no informational post today. Like most people, I’m just gonna talk, a lot. See I’m kind of having a bad day today. Got to finish my Windows Server 2008 Active directory course by next week, if not, I am moved ahead to my next course. Windows 2008 Network infrastructures, which I am not looking forward too. Why do I not like Windows server, It’s complicated, no really it is, if you need a course to learn to use an Server OS, you know that is going to be a crazy complicated and hard to use system. I’m just not into it, especially when most Linux servers will do the same and in a more efficient and easier method.

Since I’ve been going to this school, I took the time to learn GNU/Linux, not just Ubuntu, even though that’s what i started with, but i worked my way through Debian, openSUSE and Linux Mint. But the thing is, eventually bit by bit, i started to lose my enthusiasm for Microsoft products, not only has Google got me exited about their Docs, calendar, drawing tools, netbooks and browser, but also it seems so much easier to learn to recreate new shares with user restrictions and passwords on Ubuntu than to even setup an Active Directory. All in all, I stopped liking MS. And it’s all thanks to this Microsoft school i go to.

Here they use Windows on all the machines, arounf 20 different Windiows virtuals and 3 outdated Ubuntu 6.04 machines. What makes things worse they have capable machines running only Windows XP 64bit and IE8 that never works right, is slow and forces me to boot into a live Linux USB. So frustrating.

Now it’s not like I’m a liberal or something that’s gonna do something about it, (like put Ubuntu into every machine i come into contact with) I know we all have to deal with MS stuff everyday, in fact I fix Windows desktops and laptops all the time, I like doing that cause i learn something new every time, but it would be nice if MS started learning from their Open-Source friends and implemented stuff like Better virtualization, integrated Anti-viruses, Live OS, and lighter desktop environments (Eg i wish Windows used the gnome desktop). Instead of advertising and maker newer GUIs.)

What’s even sadder is that MS is actually making fun or putting down most if not all FOSS (Free Open Source Software) by criticism it, or giving the worst example. Instead of learning from it. See this site.

Funny when i tried to open it up at school on a Windows XP machine with IE8 this happened.

in MS’s defense i was using IE8, but after refreshing the page, it worked just fine, except for editing the doument, that required some more software to be installed. But i feel that google docs does this better anways, i mean it handled a heavily formated HTML based docx and transfered into something readble, that’s a great accomplishment indeed, whereas MS Word can’t even handle an odt file properly most of the times. Now it’s true that most companies use MS for important stuff and it works, but only because that’s they only way they know how to do things. It’s called the Windows Syndrome. However, pretty soon in the future, we won’t be living in a 32bit world, and things will change weather we like it or not.

I’ve seen this happen all the time, you change poeple’s computer, just a little, and they don’t now how to use it. It’s like all inguenuity they had when they started learning was lost, and the Windows method took over. For example. How would you go about installing a music player on windows, go to and download, then install right? Well if you try the same method with linux, it’ll fail, but what you don’t realize is that you already have one. Or that you can get one from the Software center. They keep trying to do things the Windows way and fail. The same goes when you switch someone from MS office 2010 to Libreoffice. They get lost because they refuse to relearn, or can’t find the Microsoft Office Icon.

Sure it’s a hassle to relearn something when the old did just fine, but then you’d be stuck in the past, like XP users that don’t want to upgrade to 7 becuase it’s too new, what will they do when it’s not supported anymore. they will forcebly learn it and like it even though they had no real choice. But they do, they just don’t know it. And may not even notice it.

I tried training my brother and dad to adapt when needed. I took out all the Windows (OS not real windows lol) in the house and replaced it with either debian, ubuntu or whatever. With a bit of training and tech support, they didn’t notice or really care much. I told them it was the latest operating system out there and it’s new. It’s true. My bro knew what was going on, and for some reason he’s quick to learn and adapt to new gui dekstops faster than me sometimes. My dad also learned LibreOffice tricks i never knew existed, he does lot’s of office stuff so it works for him. The point is, just because it’s all you know, that’s not all that exists. And well, i’m feeling down that I’m not always learing what i’d like ot learn. but that’s life.

Also it’s much cheaper. I own 5 computers and imagine if i had to buy licenses for all those machines? Sure some came with it and my tech school can provide me with licences, but what about word, outlook and vmware? No one’s going to buy me that, sure i can pirate, but i can’t sell pirated Windows machines, now can I? Even at school we all agree that some of the Windows problems are due to licensning issues such as WAT and WGA, and missing product keys and lost OEM Disks. It adds to the hassle of life. Well mostly my life.

In the end, MS is slowly going down, whether we accept it or not, it’s struggling to stay alive for some reason. And fighting any oposicion it can find. In the meantime, I’ll just deal with antiquited software, bad users and money-hungry corporations. 

So are you with the Empire or the Jedi?


not the best example, expecially since stormtroopers do look cool and all and Yoda looks like an old Kermit the frog toy. oh well.


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