Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted something, I’ve been busy so sorry. Anyways, I’m sure you’ve all enjoyed my silence, so let’s get to business now. When working the the tech field you sometimes have to do a lot of clean wipes and reloads of windows XP and sometimes Windows Vista. (never had to reload Windows 7 as last resort, but soon, one day it will come.) but the really annoying thing, next to the installation of drivers and restoring User Data that they did not back uP! is the installation of programs, granted it’s very easy when you already know which programs work best with the system, but it’s time-consuming nevertheless. So one tool i was very happy to find was called Ninite. This website has already pre-configured the installation packages and installes the latest ones for you! What? Say that again i didn’t get you. Go check out the web-site, there you can click what you want to install and it downloads an installer that downloads and installs everything automatically. No need to click I agree, no clicking next like crazy and best of all, no unnecersary software added, only what you agreed to.

This is nice and all because it installs free software that normally you would waste time looking online and clicking next and waiting for. Now, you probably know this method already it’s very similar to an app store isn’t it? Well didn’t you ever wish that Windows XP or Windows 7 had an app store? now you do! And best of all it’s all going to be free software! Ninite also has a Linux version of their site to do a similar thing, but it’s kinda limited especially when the Ubuntu Software Center is much more expansive, but i like the idea for it behind Windows and it works perfectly, well so far. And here are some of it’s features.

  • Say “No” to toolbars or other junk
  • Always install the latest version of an app
  • Install the right 32-bit or 64-bit version for a PC
  • Install apps in the PC’s language
  • Skip apps that are already up-to-date
  • Upgrade an app if it’s out of date

So if you ever need to install a boatload of software and want to do it the easy way, head on over to and give it a whirl. This is what i usually install on a new pc. Give or take a few apps. So that’s all folks!


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