Fedora 15 and Gnome 3 Out!

Yay! It’s finally out. Fedora 15 is the latest OS from the Fedora Project and it looks nice. I use it here at school all the time and when people walk by they say all kinds of things. Let me list them off.

“Is that Windows 8?”

“Nice, what is it?

“What Linux is that?”

And so on. It makes sense because if you just glance over the desktop, you’ll notice something doesn’t look right.

Now usually I never talk about nor use Fedora. Since I’m more of a .deb dude myself, but after messing with OpenSUSE, I’ll try anything, and this new Fedora ain’t half bad. Especially since they decided to go bold like Ubuntu and radically use a new desktop GUI. I’m glad, even though change is new and scary for most people, it hasn’t fazed GNU/Linux at all.

But what’s so different in Gnome 3? Well it’s not just they background that’s changed, They added a dock on the left, people seem to like that for some reason, maybe cause it’s very easy to get used to. Less clicking is required to get around to doing things, like if you just point to the top left corner, you open the screen as seen above. The search bar helps a bundle in getting things found, mainly apps. Although the File Management hasn’t really been updated with the GUI so transferring files is a bit of a pain, For example, try opening 5 windows and transfer files between all of them, it’s not very efficient and takes longer to do than usual, but this could be to my unfamiliarity with Gnome 3. Fedora 15 (Lovelock) is crazy simply built and it’s to the point. Some people say Gnome 3 is by Software Developers for Software Developers, I disagree cause that would mean I’m a software developer, that’s be nice of them to call me that, but untrue.

Fedora 15 has been beta for a while, and even in beta, it felt pretty good, I can’t wait to go home and get the latest and try it out. (Although go easy on their servers and use torrent it please) Lately, all of my tests have been live cd’s or live usb’s. Mainly I’ve worked with it at school, if you see my last post, it was written on Fedora 15. Some people say Gnome 3’s not very well designed, I bet it’s all those people who don’t like change, cause it is very well designed, there are some rough points, but not to big a deal. I would upgrade to this Gnome Desktop, but it’s a pain, I might just recommend anyone who wants to try Gnome 3 to use Fedora a bit, at least until Ubuntu or Debian gets a proper Repository. Gnome 3.2 is coming out soon, don’t know when exactly, but they will fix a lot of things, hopefully they include a shutdown button without the need to press ALT.

And looking at the overall picture, Fedora is a good Distro to try out. Check out the site for +’s on this distro.

But would this be enough to convince you to even try Fedora for only $19.99? That’s right you heard me, for only $19.99 you get the whole operating system on a live CD! Click here to Download today! Before Supplies run out.

Those of you who actually read the banner, will find out it’s free. :P Forget licenses and keys. You get it to download it, and you get to try it out on a cd or usb drive. Only available to those of us who are capable of handling an ISO. Learn how to burn an ISO

System Requirements:

1 gig of RAM

10GB to install 20GB to run comfortably

400mhz Processor

Video Accelerated Graphics to get the nice GUI

Now this is a new OS so obviously it’s not going to run well on old computers, and Fedora 15 is a bit like Windows 7, runs best on a real computer.

Fedora runs really well on most new machines, but I found it runs much better on Intel rigs since the graphics acceleration is already built in by default. Making it a ready to go distribution! Here at school they only have Intel machines (ps. Dell Vostro 220 3GB Ram = Great Linux Machines) (Thanks TechSkills!) so it’s perfect to plug in my live USB and wham! So fast WinXP takes a nap.

Also you may notice that if you run this on your computer from a live CD and it does not show up like all fancy and nice, then you may need to install graphics drivers. But by then, you’d probably need to take it to a forum or read the Help Section, and always remember, Google specifically. Happy Linuxing!


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  1. gnome 3 sucks with their useless effects. Why fedora do that???? . Pleaseee gnomeee 2222 will back.

  2. I guess Fedora wanted to go bold here, plus they may have assumed their users know how to change a desktop environment in case they don’t like gnome 3. Lots of people don’t like gnome 3, even Linus Torvalds. Personally I really like it, ever since it came out I’ve been using it, all other desktops seem old and messy. But then again, that’s my choice, and thank goodness for choices. Plus gnome 2 never left, it’s still around.

  3. Tried Gnome 3 for 3 days…. some features Iliked… but overall experience was just a pain…. had to switch to xfce

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