How to Disassemble a Hard Drive

All the time people ask me. “How do I securely wipe my sensitive data like my son’s pictures and my wife’s music?” Hahah ok that’s not what it sounds like, but usually it’s when they are about to sell or throw away a computer. If you read my post Here, then you might know how JaredandZerin does it, but personally I like telling people that their data is always safe in their own hands.

And to tell you the truth, I’ve met people paranoid enough that they would sell their computer without the hard drive and keep it just in case. That’s a bit far, but i like their idea. But it’s not very useful to just keep your hard drive doing nothing, it’ll take up space, might as well turn it into something practical.

Let’s see what we have to work with here. Hmm it’s a very worn out 200GB hard drive. Sorry JR don’t get mad, his time came.

Wait! Rattle noise is normal?!  Ok no Toshiba drives for me. So anyways if you want to make sure no one ever recovers your data and you have like 15 minutes on your hands, plus a good set of screw drivers like these.

Then you are ready to dissasemble a hard drive! Let’s begin,

Step1: Go to Home Depot and buy a set of your preferred screw drivers. Home Depot has great selection at a fair price, plus the smaller and thinner the better. PS I am advertising :)

Step2. Start unscrewing things.

Step3: Peel label, some genuis thought it’d be funny to hide a screw down there. See above picture for example.

step4: Remove cover and unscrew just about everything you see. Like So

Step5: Dissasemble and enjoy your hard drive! You now destroyed it and the little metal platters are where your data is stored, if you are still paranoid, you can bury them, crush them with a hammer, give them to a toddler you don’t like, just about anything! These are some of the things we’ve done around the house with Hard drive parts.


Non Fogging Compact mirrors

and so on.

So remember, don’t be afraid to take one apart. PS don’t lick the metal plates, I know it’s temping, but i think they might be lead or something.

Also keep in mind this post in not really informational, it’s more like telling you that you can do this and it’s safe. I think.


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