My day today

Normally I hate talking about who I am or what I do. But today I was really bored and decided to take pictures of what I did today. Let’s get started.

A long time ago I learned about website spoofing, which is the act of stealing a web site’s code and altering it to make it do what you want to do. Craigslist gets this a lot, people make a fake site where you log in with your Craigslist credentials and they steal them from you because technically you did not log into the “real” site but rather just gave them your login id. This was really common a long time ago, but now with Secure HTTPS and people learning about the threat and dangers of fake sites, or rouge as they are known, then it’s not a real issue. But as I found out, it’s actually more effecient and friendly use to spoof a website to make it better. That’s right, why hijack sites when you can improve upon them? I took to this task and borrowed Yahoo Login Page for a moment.

Click on the picture to read all the words, this is a fully functional page and you can really log into Yahoo.

Well now let’s poke fun at Linux. See a while ago some dude told me if Linux can get viruses. I said hold on I will try to make one. I could not, but I made on for Windows and tried it. This is the result.

Yay! So my virus works under Linux, of course you have to use wine, but it works, and for some reason it runs really fast. Now that’s efficient! I wrote this one in C a long time ago when I had a For Dummies Book. I wrote this a a few others, this is the most clean one. It does nothing really just gives you a nice scare.

But if you want to try out my webpage and my little program you can download it from here. I haven’t tested any in Windows 7 due to lack of time and i really recommend you do this at your own risk, so Virtual Machines it is! Plus you should really try out a Batch file i put in my downloads, it’s funny how easy it is to delete important system files.

Here’s a link.


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But can you show me the source code?

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