Google Chrome Frame?

Yes what the heck am I talking about? Is this some sort of prize? Or yet another Google fad? No! This is in fact a useful tool for those of us in a terrible situation and as we all know, that’s something that Google is known for helping out. Now in this case let’s imagine the next scenario. You are at school and you need to browse the web on their slow outdated computers Running Windows XP and IE8. Boo! Now normally I would care, if it didn’t mess up almost every single page and force me to refresh so much, not to mention lag and some site’s HTML5 features won’t work at all! Woo! almost starting ranting there. Close one. But good news, there might be something that you may be able to do to fix it. This is where Google Frame comes in.

Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance Google Chrome Frame is a free plug-in for Internet Explorer. Some advanced web apps use Google Chrome Frame to provide you with additional features and better performance. According to the site.

So let me get this straight? I can install this plugin, to any of my internet explorer’s and I’ll get some of the benefits of using Google chrome, but I’ll be running IE. Wow! That’s so redundant! Why not install Chrome and just be done with it! Well let’s get it straight that in a business environment you can’t do that due to limited privileges, plus even if you can, you probably shouldn’t anyway. But this way, if for some reason you can’t install Google chrome, then it uses the frame so you can still benefit from using the internet. Plus it’s based on the free open-source Chromium Project so you know you are getting quality software.

Have I tried it? Yes and no. Now for some reason this plug-in is not supposed to require admin privileges on the machine you are installing on, but at school, they have the computers locked down so tight that I can’t do this, the good news is that there are virtual machines running EI6 that I could test it on. And so I did.

The install was smooth and after a while the IE was running google Frame smoothly, now to test it out. You need at least Windows XP Sp2 IE6 and up. If you have an older machine than that please use Linux because chances are, if you have that thing plugged into the internet it’s already got viruses.

The following is an IE6 Web Browser using Google Chrome Frame.

Chrome Frame

So did you notice anything different? Using the Frame you can use Google features not able to be accessed before, (like auto translate) sure it may mess with some of those built in IE6 features that you’ve never used nor heard about before, but it’s not like it matters! Plus according to Wikipedia (i got the picture from there, thank you!) Java code runs 10 times faster when using the frame, meaning a better web experience.

Google Chrome Frame has been out for a while, (since 2009!) not many people know about it, but I say it’s useful to help those die-hard Internet Explorer fans that won’t want to upgrade, or can’t. So I recommend to all those who still use any version of Internet Explorer to try it out. It’s free, and if it messes with your IE then just uninstall the plugin just like that! Life is good! Get it here

plus watch the video if you are lazy. The nice dude explains it better than me.


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But can you show me the source code?

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  1. Giovanni Jimenez

    In a business environment. Unless you are a power user or have elevated priviledges you cant install plugins so you’re screwed.

    • Very true Geo, thanks for emphasizing that, I mentioned I could not install the plug-in natively on my school computers, even though a certain google blog bragged about being able to install the plug in without admin privileges, i was not able to do so. :( maybe one day, i mean how hard can it be to hack IE?

  2. Giovanni Jimenez

    Awesome plug-in though

  3. Why is the web page in spanish??

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