I got a job.

Yes, that’s what my best friend has been telling everyone. He’s so proud of me it’s embarrassing. I can’t wait until he gets one so then he can know what it feels like. Very tiring and hard, that’s right, not something to be showing off. But that aside it is true, maybe you’re noticed I’ve not posted recently, or maybe you don’t care, that’s fine too. But I recently got a one year contract at Intel over in Folsom as a Firmware Validation Technician, that’s my super fancy title, real title is “Motherboard Monkey Tester”.

It’s a job, and a very challenging one considering it’s an entry level job, requiring you to learn quick and on the spot. And there are so many smart people there! Also lot’s of different cultures I think there was one of mi gente :) But besides that Intel seems like a good place to work, I’ve only been there two days so we’ll see how it really is. I’d also like to give you more detail about the work place and regulations but I  have to obey rules, plus I don’t know if I’m allowed.

But in the spirit of keeping my posts informative, here goes. We do rigorous bug testing of the firmware on the motherboards, thats the software that runs directly on-top of the hardware. (Really I still feel it’s software cause it is, but only located some on the hardware. Therefore firm.) Firmware can be rewritten over and over again until we tell it to stay that way. That’s the the average person gets, bug free code and hardware that should work right. We do some of the last testing on motherboards before shipping it out to manufacturers and they redesign it if they want or whatever, Intel doesn’t care.

You might think they look like regular motherboard but they do not, they are huge and slightly abnormal, we test desktop and mobile boards and everyone works hard. Except me I’m still training and learning the ropes. First day was weird, I technically did no work but study and learn. Nice….. no seriously, really nice.

Man I wish I could write more or blog more about it, but I am so tired and sleepy. Growing up sucks. School was like so much easier. Even High School! You actually had free time. So kids don’t be in a hurry to grow up and get a job, you’ll be forced to eventually. So anyways I won’t whine too much today. Just trying to let you all know that I will not be blogging as much anymore, maybe one “good” post a month and some random filler in between.  The same goes for my Video game blog. http://lukekire.blogspot.com/ Which really was made to test out Google’s blogger. However it’s fun writing showing off what I know and what I don’t and playing and giving away video games. That I will never stop doing, count on it.

One more thing. You all know I work for Jared and Zerin as well, heck this site is named after him.  But I still fix computers on the side, I also teach computers, ohh and humans too, I teach them about computers as well. hmmm more like preach. Well just know that for now the pc repair business is still up and running, but maybe we’ll do a farewell special if we close our doors soon, I was thinking along the lines of 20$ Linux installs. Or as normal people might know it as, 20$ to get your computer running again. The point is, Jared and Zerin and ZerinTech may be closed soon. That or have an owner change. Just a heads up.

Thank you all for reading and enjoying this blog. It’s the readers that motivated me to write and work on my teaching skills as well and my communication and typing.

Wow! It’s already 9:00! Time to go to sleep. Night everyone!


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