More Intel Work

Short Blog post from work. As I mentioned before I am now working and do not really get much time to write or have fun. But I do get the chance to learn a whole lot about computers, especially motherboards. I will teach you what I have learned.

First and foremost of all you may notice that the writing and formatting of my post is strange, that is becuase I am typing it it Intype notepad style and not in wordpress. I need to make it look like I’m working, because I am, currently looking at a running test. Yes! It passed, ok I’ll explain in a moment what I’m doing and what you can learn…..

Great, so as you read in my last post I am running tests that are automated in batch scripts. But Erik what are batch scripts?

Usually Batch files or scripts look like .bat files, they store a bunch of commands that run in the command line. You may think that not much is done in the command line or terminal anymore, but if that was true I would not have a job, so it’s not. Plus many programs in their raw form start off in the command line, and since that’s mainly what we work with, programs straight from the developers, we do the fun job of finding their mistakes and then maybe if their programs work as their supposed to, we might be able to do our job of finding bugs in the Intel ME firmware. What’s firmware, I think I explained this in my last post, but again, it’s software in hardware. And since it’s a small byte of code there’s no reason for it to be buggy. And here come the Firmware Validation Technicians! Our job is debugging. Finding bugs in programs. Back then the programmers had to do debugginh themselves, but they got to rich and coding is now so complicated they have people to build tests and people to run those tests. It’s a vicious chain of work, but in the end, all this to provide a better technological experience for the customer, becuase that’s who Intel cares about, people with money.

One more thing. And it’s actually a sort of funny thing, but there are ranks here at Intel. Let me explain it simply. I’m a green badge, if you look at my badge it’s green and stands for “grunt” worker according to the people here. Janitors, the security guard, program debuggers, we’re the low rank, and that’s fine by me. Next in line is blyue badges,they have access to the bb courts, gyms, and play rooms, plus free snack and drinks. Aww. Every blue badge has a degree of some sort so I know I’ll never become one :(. But at least I’m not jobless :)

So what else can I tell you today? By the way don’t expect pictures or anything in this post, I felt like disapointing you today. My work in all is a bit boring, but it’s also allowing me to learn lots of Windows things I missed out on, as well as vastly improving my Spreadsheet and Word usage. Plus I’m learning more on the hardware side as well. PS. It’s turns out my title is NOT Firmware Validation Engineer it’s Firmware Validation Technician. (Script Monkey) Ooops on my part. Anyways I really don’t have much to teach today. And so before this blog actually starts to become one of those sissy blogs that just talks and talk and doesn’t teach you anything, I bid you good day!


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