LAN Party!!!

Like most people I like parties, and some of you may instantly know what I’m talking about, and some of you are like Wahh? What’s a LAN party? Don’t worry I was like that too when someone invited me to one of those parties. But why am I mentioning it now? Well, I passed by Techskills and saw this poster.

So what’s a LAN party? LAN stands for Local Area Network. It’s nothing like a Facebook Network, but a network where computers come and get together and play games with their owners. Gamers usually prefer to play together on a LAN because of NO NETWORK LAG ISSUES and you can actually yell at the guy who keeps dominating the game. The party part comes in because nerds and computer geeks do exactly what we would do if invited to a “real” party, play video games.

GUILTY!!! Haha this was a party I was helping DJ and we got bored, so we played games. But imagine a “fiesta” dedicated to gaming? So much fun, it’s not for everyone, you must love games. Any will do, Playstation, Nintendo, PC gaming, bring your old SNES if you want to! (For Example, last time me and my bro brought an old N64 and challenged people to 4 player Mario Kart.) Other than that you’re good to go. gives more details. I plan to go, so see you there! Entrance fee is 25$ if you pay beforehand. Why would there be an entrance fee? Well the party needs to be organized and place rented, plus a lot of planning and routers are needed to make this possible, so yeah expect to pay at most for an entrance fee, but it’s worth it due to the sheer amount of gaming there is! Plus they have contests and prizes to give away, so it’s worth it.

The sponsors are there as well to show off the latest they have to offer, like newest Intel stuff, Latest video cards, RAM and cooling systems, and sometimes they even let you try out their stuff.

But is it like a dark room where nerds hang out and silently play games for hours on end? I might not want to go cause it might be creepy. Don’t be so discriminatory. It’s a family friendly event. All are invited, even if it’s just to watch. Bringing your own computer just adds to the fun. Modding contests, overclocking, tournaments, are usually part of a LAN party. There’s always something for everyone. Plus the games are whatever you want to play, usually they play pretty popular stuff like Team Fortress, COD and WOW together, but if you like racing games like me, there’s nothing from stopping you from challenging other attendees to a good race, or showing off your Mine-Craft skills.

So that’s about it. Anyone close by Sacramento is invited, details are at …

Starts: August 20, 2011 @ 2pm

Ends: August 21, 2011 @ 5pm

Total Hours of Awesome Game Time: 27 Hours
BYOC Type LAN: Bring Your Own Computer

Location: Great Escape Games
1250 Howe Avenue #3a

Sacramento, CA 95825

Look at the flyer and check out the site, even if just for curiosity. Later now, got to go to work!


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