How to Choose a Linux Distro

I am not indecisive, I am not impulsive either, so how do I make this work. Use Logic. I have a method I use to decide what I want, eg Shopping, movies, games, what to do….. It goes something like this.

1. Choose an Overall “What” (Base)
2. Think about what options there are for that.
3. Pick and choose, then enjoy.

You may not understand it, so I shall use this in an example. Let’s Choose a Linux Distro For my Brother’s Netbook.

First things first I asked him what Base Linux to start off from.

Debian Base
Fedora Base
Gentoo Base
Arch Base
Random base.
Don’t Know (Choose Ubuntu Base)
He chose “I don’t care”, So I chose for him and picked Debian, because I know how to use it well.

Second, Options, GUI

GNome 2 (AKA don’t care base)
Unity Shell
Gnome 3 Shell
KDE Plasma
Minimal *box stuff
Terminal (Command Line)

He thought and tried them all out, but stuck with Gnome 2 since he knows how to customize that.

Two point Five, Yes I added this too, more options.

Spinoff or pure based? Normally For GNU/Linux Distributions you have more choices,(too many!) like we could have just gone with Debian Gnome version, but he chose a popular, easy version of Debian.

Thirdly and Lastly
Find it, enjoy distro. He installed Linux Mint 11. (based on Ubuntu, based on Debian, I know it’s crazy, but a crazy good and easy Distro)

Normally this would be a long and hard decision, but with narrowing choices down, you too can help cure people of their indecisiveness. This applies to many factors in life. Not just choosing a Linux Distribution.

Thanks for reading!!!


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