So there’s this niche market out there for people who don’t want an iPad, don’t need a fully powerful laptop, they like keyboards, portability, cute tiny things, and saving money. Those people usually buy netbooks.

These can also be refered to as Ultralight PC’s. Let me describe them. Small, no optical drive, light, weak and cheap. Most netbooks either use an Intel Atom processor (Common) or an AMD Fusion C- and E-series processor. The processor manufacturers put their focus on low power over speed. So you may have heard people say that netbook suck cause they are slower. True, but they do not suck because of that. What is slow?

Netbooks are made to do low power stuff. Just like a compact VW Bug is not made to go fast or even on the freeways for a long time, Netbooks handle the Writing, surfing web, watching videos and picts, small 2d games. Really then you realize that’s all you need.

The OS on most netbooks will usually be Windows 7 Cripple, I mean Starter Edition! Yeah!Or something Linux based, like Meego, but you can add your own like Fedora or Debian or whatever. Even so, everyone agrees that Linux runs better on netbooks and even through Windows 7 runs fine on them, it’s just not made for netbook screens or designed for low power computing.

Netbooks have changed since they first came out, and improved on things like battery life, power and price. Even though they will never replace your iPad, gaming system, or workstation, they make an excellent partner to your computer systems, especially when you have a home network. Keyboard design has been rethought it’s now normal to type up an entire homework assignment on a netbook with no pain, unlike back then. And with the advancement of SSD technology, the hard drives of netbooks now use less power and are quicker.

In the end, why am I talking about netbooks? Cause I just bought one for my bro and it’s great, I like it so much I want one for my own, but later. And why am I talking about netbooks as if they are such a great thing? Cause I do think they are. When I took my bro’s netbook camping and used it to work on my 5 year novel, this lady was like, “ohh I bet it’s not powerful like a “real” laptop.” I was like, Soooo? I’m in a terminal environment using nano to type something up. What more do I need? Maybe 50MB of ram, 100Mhz processor, and 500 megabytes of space? (Ahh, reminds me of my first computer) even with those specs it’s overkill! So in the end, let’s not go crazy with unnecessary power.

PS, that netbook starts up in no more than 30 Seconds every time. (Ubuntu man!) I’m not gonna say the brand or even type of netbook cause they didn’t pay me to advertise.


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